Fitness Components

Alexis Campbell

Cardiovascular Endurance

Running improves cardiovascular endurance by forcing the circulatory system to supply more oxygen to the muscles.

Muscular Strength

Weight lifting improves muscular strength by making the muscles adapt to the weight, and you can increase the weight to get stronger.

Muscular Endurance

Push ups improve muscular endurance because they're repetitive, and you can endure more weight each time.


Stretching improves your flexibility by increasing your range of motion.

Body Composition

A BMI machine can show your amount of body fat and amount of lean body mass.


Running shows speed, since it helps you quickly get to another point.


The woman is quickly changing her position, showing agility.


The woman is evenly balancing her weight to remain up.


Playing soccer shows coordination because you have to run, watch the ball, kick the ball, and avoid other players at the same time.

Reaction Time

The runners hear the whistle, and run right when they hear it.


The woman uses a lot of power to throw the javelin.