Superintendent's Update

May 4-May 8

Weekly Update

Monday, May 4
8:30 Cabinet Meeting
11:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (C. Beard @ Ebenezer Avenue)
12:30 Straight Talk
1:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (J. Jones@ Sylvia Circle)
2:30 Principal Interim Evaluation (T. White @ Sunset Park)
4:30 Meeting
6:30 SIC Meeting at South Pointe High School

Tuesday, May 5

Bond Referendum (Polls open 7:00 am-7:00 pm)
8:00 Chamber Meeting (Government Task Force)
9:30 Elementary Principals Group 1 Budget Meeting
10:30 Elementary Principals Group 2 Budget Meeting
11:30 Meeting
12:00 RHEDC Meeting
1:30 Middle and High Principals Budget Meeting

Wednesday, May 6
8:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (P. Robinson @ York Road)
9:30 Principal Interim Evaluation (C. Guyton @ India Hook)
11:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (S. DiStasio @ Rosewood)
1:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (B. Campbell@ Saluda Trail)
2:30 Principal Interim Evaluation (D. Khaalid @ Oakdale Elementary)
4:00 Meeting

Thursday, May 7
SCASA Superintendent's Roundtable (Columbia)
3:00 Pre- Meeting for State of Community Breakfast
4:00 High School Technology PD Planning Team

Friday, May 8
Finance Meeting (Columbia)
4:30 Winthrop Convocation

Topics for May 11 Work Session

The following agenda items will be topics for Monday's meeting:
1. FY 16 General Fund Budget
2. Capital Improvement Plan
3. Technology needs for FY 16
4. Special Education Audit and Recommendations

Happy May Birthday!

May 1 Brenda Blanchard
May 3 Jane Sharp
May 6 Rhonda Reeves
May 11 Janet Morris
May 13 Keith Wilks
May 14 Debra Broyles
Marek Marshall
May 16 Paula Moree
Tom Sparks
May 19 Brian Hollingsworth
May 21 Andrew Williams
May 24 Chris Beard
Carla Berry
Chip Newton
May 26- Missy Brakefield
May 27 Cindy Hunt
May 28 Denise Havlice
May 30 Susan Cobb
Carie Hucks
May 31 William Rice
May 31 Sally Wilson


The Leadership Meeting will open in Canvas on Monday evening. All activities need to be completed by Wednesday, May 13th.

Educational Leadership

This month's edition of Educational Leadership is entitled "Teaching with Mobile Tech." See link below for the video of the month. An English teachers describes Blended Learning using her District's LMS called Haiku. (Substitute "Canvas" for "Haiku" within the video.)

Out of the Mouths of Babes....