Hampton News

October 9, 2015

The 4 C's (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication)

Inquiry!!!! We are doing such a nice job collaborating in groups while learning new topics. We have studied the "blood moon", mounds, and even completed "It's Not A Box" project. We loved showing our knowledge with 2nd graders. Our next project will be about landforms and weathering.

Current Events

Reading: We have worked on making inferences and analyzing characters. We have been learning how to dig deeper into our stories and notice patterns and trends. The next few weeks we will learn about realistic fiction and how to code a text.

Writing: We finished our personal narrative unit. We are working on writing a realistic fiction piece.

Math: We are becoming multiplication masters. We have worked on multiplying one digit by one digit, two digit by one digit, and three digit by one digit. We will take a math test next week. We will continue with our multiplication unit by learning how to multiply two digit by two digit as well as continue problem solving and algebraic expressions.

Science: We talked about the moon phases and the total lunar eclipse. We will learn about weathering and erosion next.

Social Studies: We studied mounds and mound builders. We will research and create landforms starting next week.

History of the Mounds at Mounds State Park | Indiana DNR