The Nervous System

By: Sean E. and Graham M.

Let's explore the Nervous System!

Organs of the Nervous System

The nervous system send messages through the body from the brain. Some organs of the Nervous System include the brain,nerves,and spinal cord. These are very important organs to the human body. The brain controls everything by using information from the nerve impulses. The nerves send messages throughout the human body. The spinal cord is the central communication system of the human body.

Here are some pictures of some of the organs in the Nervous System.

Other organs include

Other organs in the Nervous System include the Peripheral Nerve

These are the levels of organization for the Nervous System.

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The nervous system help maintain homeostasis by send signals from the brain through out the body to shiver when it is getting to cold and to sweat when it is getting too hot. Diseases like diabetes can interrupt homeostasis.
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The nervous system interacts with the brain and the muscular system. The brain sends electrical messages through the nervous systems to the muscular system to expand or contract. That moves the body. A third system it interacts with is the endocrine system to create hormones.