Facts About The Caste System


Caste System

You have been born into the caste system as an untouchable.

As you grow older you soon get a job disposing dead body's. As you are burring a dog, you step on a rake and are born into the same caste.

Unsatisfying Untouchables

When you are a untouchable you have no respect,

you also have to do the most horrible jobs: disposing dead things,sweepers,and washers.

Sometimes you would have a job with contact with emissions,sweat, or urine.When you are a untouchable you cant go into schools or into temples. If you ate the wrong kind of meat, you would become a bug or small animal.

Being a Sudra

A Sudra is a unskilled worker that is near the bottom of the caste.

A Sudra would have a job working on a farm of a higher caste member. If a Sudra is listening to a Veda and gets caught than molten lead would get pored into their eyes.

Just like everyone in the caste system, the Sudra"s goal was to reunite their soul with Brahmin. If a Sudra eats the wrong type of meat, they could be born into a lower caste.


A Vaishya is a intelligent and skilled farmer or merchant.

Vaishyas were in a higher caste than Sudra's. They had leader ship in some villages. Vedic prayers were so pure, they could not be heard by anyone in a lower caste. Vaishyas could not eat certain types of meat. Vaishyas had the same goal as everyone in the caste system witch was to reunite their soul with Brahmin.

Kshatriya's and Brahmin were at the top of the caste system.

They were the priests, teachers, or under stood Dharma. Brahmin lived far away from everyone in a temple. The Kshatriyas had most power and were warriors. The Kshatriyas made all of the important decisions. Brahmin priests also thought that if you made contact with a lower caste person, than your soul would be contaminated.