Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

December 10, 2018

Keeping you Informed

Thank You

Thank you for Jackie and Fred Jenkins opening their home on Friday night for our staff party. The food and company were great. It was a lot of fun and glad so many were able to make time to spend with their colleagues outside of the work environment.

5forALL Focus

Each week I would like to highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL.

5forALL Infographic

This week I would like to focus on Modeling Academic Register- Assigning Academic Response Frames. Many departments have created their own Response Frames but if you have not then use the frames from Kate Kinsela.

Department Lead Meeting Tuesday after school

Vertical PLC this week

Department Leads please have agendas to me and your team by the end of the day

Site Visit TODAY!!!!

Dr. Plutko and Candy Plahy will be on campus today visiting classrooms.

Aeries and Communications

As a reminder, we should respond to parents within 48 hours of a call or email. I recommend 24 hours when possible. Also updating Aeries weekly or more is the best way for parents to monitor their students progress to make sure assignments are being completed.

Calendar for December

Monday, December 10- Dr. Plutko and Candy Plahy site visit

Thursday, December 20- PTSA Winter Staff Lunch

December 24 - January 4- Winter Break!

Have a Great Week!