West Shore Disney Update

Newsletter (05/08/2020)

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Important Trip Announcement

Hello everyone,

After lengthy and difficult discussions, the music department has collectively decided to postpone our Disney trip to April 8th - 12th of 2021. We feel that this move is necessary for the general well-being of everyone emotionally, financially, and for the overall safety of our group until we continue to understand more about what the future holds. This will give us time to ensure better decision making for the music department staff and hopefully, provide the best experience for our students and families.

The decision was made by the music staff and the dates were chosen with careful consideration of district, athletic, and music events in mind. The administration on all levels has been in great communication and very helpful with every aspect of this process.

With this decision, we know that it will affect many families in different ways and the dates will not work for everyone. I am asking you to PLEASE make sure you read all the information below and respond with questions in the manner I am asking. I want to make sure all questions are answered, everyones' needs are taken care of, and that communication is direct and meaningful.

Below are the sections of this email:

  • Reimbursement (only if needed)
  • Travel Insurance
  • General Questions/Concerns
  • Future Payments

You DO NOT need to request reimbursement for this trip if you still plan to go. The money that you have all ready deposited will still be credited. Finally, I will be sending out a response collectively to everyone based on questions that have value to the entire group by next Wednesday.

Thank you, and be well everyone!

West Shore Music Department Staff

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If you are still able to attend the trip during the given dates,

there is no need to read, respond to this section, or fill out the following form.

We know that this is a difficult time for families, that the dates may not work anymore, or part of your family may not be able to go on this trip due to the current circumstances. Please click on the "Button" below to proceed to the form with several questions to request reimbursement that could come in two ways:

1) Transfer money to student credits to be used at a later date

2) Receive a check refund

please click on the button below to be taken to the form only if you need reimbursement because of the recent changes in dates or financial reasons

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Travel Insurance

Please DO NOT contact TravelSafe just yet, until our Travel Company and I rearrange details of our trip specifically with them. However, below is for your information:

Three Categories of Students/Families:

1. Students who have purchased Travel Insurance

You still have travel insurance but will need to change the dates of this insurance with the travel company. It will not cost anything extra, but you will need to call and contact them to make the change. More information about when and how to follow soon.

2. Students who did NOT purchase Travel Insurance

You will now have the opportunity to purchase that if you did not previously. More info to come.

3. Students' Families Reimbursement of Travel Insurance

We are working with our travel company, "Notable Student Travel" to get a better understanding and details about the reimbursement process as it is separate from the normal deposits with the boosters.

General Questions & Concerns

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In order to streamline questions, gather more information of things I haven't answered, and be sure our team can see everyone's questions, I am asking you to fill out another Google Form before contacting another teacher/booster member about the trip. I will put out another Newsletter next week with general questions and answers to help everyone stay informed.

If your question is specifically related to you and your family and would like a direct response please add your name and the best email to get back to you within the form.

Future Payments

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There will be NO payment due in May!

The cost of the trip will remain the same; however, given the extra time our future payment dates will look like this:

  • 3rd Payment: October 1st, 2020
  • 4th Payment: December 1st, 2020
  • 5th & Final Payment: February 1st, 2021

Please DO NOT send any more payments for Disney until next school year! We will be in contact more frequently once school starts to approach again.

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