By Nicolette Denson

Justin Bieber

question 1

How did Justin Bieber become famous?

Justin Bieber entered a singing contest and his family memebers couldnt see it. So he decided to post videos of him singing on youtube for his family. Then one day Scooter Braun got an email of him and found him. Then he gave Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie tickets to fly to Atlanta and thats what started his career.

question 2

Who does Justin Bieber admire?

Justin Bieber admires one of his best friends Christian Beadles, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Rob Thomas, Boys 2 men, The Dream, and Usher.

question 3

What other hobbies does he like?

He plays Guitar, Hockey, Basketball, Drums, and many more things.

question 4

How was his childhood before he became famous?

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st in 1994 at 12:56am on a Tuesday. He was raised by his single mom. His mom uploaded videos of him singing on youtube. Justin Biebers mom got him a drumkit when he was little and thats when they discovered he was talented!