Kindergarten News

September 25th

The Joys of Kindergarten

Your children are a wonderful group who are happy, working hard and having a great deal of fun.

Math. The children are working on graph work and learning the terminology of reading graphs. They made a graph about the color of hair in the class and then they recorded it. Working on number writing and representing numbers in a concrete form as well as counting forward and backwards and learning what numbers are made up of. It is an interesting, but hard concept. Please help your child to practice writing 1 to 10. Remember number writing should be formed from the top down. The children are also working in math books and on the math counting tile work. The new topic is Pattern Work.

Language arts. The sound of the week was "a". The children wrote stories.. The children are sequencing the alphabet and rhyming words. This is all part of reading readiness. They are also learning the actions to go with the sounds of the letters.

Social studies. Learning the continents of the world, they are studying Australia. They are learning about Kangaroos and Koalas.

Assembly this week was Pet Day.

Science. This week the children began looking at their world of nature by studing the red worms that they will look after in the classroom. They also learned about recyling, reducing, reusing and re-educating. They might tell you not to send certain things in their lunch box as they looked at the contents of their lunch boxes to think how containers could be recylced.

Activity time. The children are enjoying pearling with the beads, the house corner, connects, Lego, Playdo and bear block city. They worked with first graders and had fun.

BIRTHDAYS. When your child has a birthday, please send in a treat. Talk to me for ideas. Also please send in a photo for each year of his or her life. I get the children to walk a time line. This can be sent in on the birthday day, just let me know so that I can plan a time.

Library books are needed on Thursday. Please send in book, and bag.

P.E. sneakers are needed on Tuesday AND Thursday.

The class went to meeting for worship in the meetinghouse. Afterwards they got to play with their big friends. The big friends will be choosen in a few weeks. The 6th grade choose not the kindergarteners.

Working as a group and understanding each other is a natural part of kindergarten. I am reading books, giving words and examples to model kind and caring friendships. This is the first time that many of the children are learning to use conflict resolution skills and use their words to their friends. I am playing many listening and group co-operative games. Please make certain your children go to bed early, as they are very tired. Some children show this by being MORE active and not being able to control their actions.

When your child comes home, I know you are all very anxious that they are happy. Let me assure you that they are. They will work hard, play hard and have fun. A question to ask each day is, “What was the best part of your day”? If they can remember, you are lucky, but in the bath or at bedtime they will tell you things. Do not believe everything and always remember there are always two sides to any story. Also know that if there has been some conflict, I will have worked with the children and helped them to conflict resolute. This is a Normal Kindergarten experience. Always know that I am available to talk, if you feel that you want to check in with me. I am your child’s teacher and I am also there for you all.

On Thursday October 1st, Linda Kamel, the school counselor will lead an evening on parenting and the jump from pre-K to Kindergarten from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. I will also be there to give further support. This evening is for the Kindergarten parents and lower school parents who are new to the school. It would be really useful for at least one parent from each family to attend this evening, as you will learn the school conflict resolution skills and other supportive parenting information.

Friday October 9th There will be a trip to Honey Hollow.

Thursday 22nd October from 1:30pm. Sign up quickly online as soon as you get notification.

Thursday October 29th Trip to None Such Farm to pick pumpkins.

Halloween parties for the Lower School 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. on Friday 30th October.Parents and siblings welcome. There will be more information about this later.

Happy days. Jean

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