My Adventure in North Korea

5 days of horror by: Lonnie Kun (Laila Abraham)

Day 1 of 5 ( January 22 2015)

I'm so excited! I've never been out of Syria before! But the only reason I'm even out of the borders of Syria is because my mother wanted to move and didn't want to leave me alone with my 20 year old brother named Hak-kun. I have so many questions like, what will it be like? Will I like it? All these thoughts ran through my head like Tony Hawk on a skate board. I am so nervous my heart might pop out of my chest. What if I hate it and want to come home or I love it and never want to leave. I guess North Korea will be a mystery until 2 hours from now. Wish me luck!


Day 2 of 5 (January 23 2015)

I was so wrong to think that North Korea was going to be fun and great. Instead it is horrid. Nobody is happy, there are homeless people everywhere and people are starving. Don't eve get me started on Kim Jong 2nd. Everyone does exactly as he says. Nobody is treated fairly what so ever. I hate it here. I wish I had never even left Syria it's worse here than there. At least in Syria I had family and love. I will find a way out. - Lonnie

Day 3 of 5 ( January 24 2015)

I'm discovering new things about this devil hole every second I'm here. There is no internet access. Low food supply and people getting displaced everyday luckily me and my haven't yet. My mom is working so hard to keep us alive. I wish we could immigrate again but we can't , we don't have the chance to. Most people say it's impossible to escape North Korea without war fare. But I will find a way if it's the last thing I do. I need my brother. He's not here though. I will have to figure this out without him.-Lonnie

Day 4 of 5 ( January 25 2015)

Today was the worst day of all. Me and my mom got displaced from our "home"! The only reason i even have my journal is because I ran and grabbed it before my mom and me almost got executed for having to be told twice. I hope this ends soon, It's becoming hard to survive without hak-kun if only he was here, he would know how to fix this all up. But Hak-Kun is not here he will never be and I won't let him. This devil hole will never be something love, like or think about in any good ay. No surprise, this place makes me think about death every second I'm here. But it makes me work harder to find a way out. All you need to stay sane in North Korea is a loved one, something to express your feelings in and your mind. Luck is all I need right now, and a lot of it. -Lonnie

Day 5 of 5 ( January 26 2015)

This is supposed to be the day I escape with my mother, but this may not happen because there are many guards today. This journal has kept me sane along with my mom and I must leave it here in North Korea in order for me to escape this horrible life that I wished i never experienced. In some ways I'm happy that I experienced this though. I had never felt hatred so bad that I wanted to die, but now I will never have to feel that way again. I know that if someone ever found this book I would go down in history along with all the immigrants and refugees. But this book could also be burned to the ground and no one would ever read it. And that's ok with me because it's all about the person that wrote it and their journey. Everything. I will. Ever. Need.- Lonnie