Tim Mcgraw

By: Zoe Lutz

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One of the Most Popular Country Artists on Earth

Tim Mcgraw is a country singer, born in Delhi, Louisiana. He has sold over 40 million albums and 21 of his singles hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country 100 chart. 11 of his albums also hit number one on the Billboard Country Album Chart. Tim has won 11 Country Music Association Awards and 14 Academy of Country Music awards. Mcgraw has been part of the cast in The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights, Four Christmases and Disney's Tomorrowland. He has also been recruited to be in the cast of the movie The Shack, coming out in August of 2016.

Start of Music

Tim Mcgraw had bought a guitar in when he was in college at Northeast Louisiana State University. He had started to enjoy playing it so he went to Nashville for the proper country music education. It took two years of playing at a bar for Curb Records to sign him. After the release of his second album, Not a Moment Too Soon, in 1994, he topped the charts. In 1999, after releasing his fifth album, A Place in the Sun, he toured with the Dixie Chicks (country, pop, and alternative country music artists) and George Strait (country music artist).

Child Life

Samuel Timothy Mcgraw was born on May 1st, 1967 in Delhi, Louisiana. His mother, Betty Trimble, and father, Tug Mcgraw (major league baseball player) had had a short summer relationship that resulted with Tim's birth. His father had left before he had known him. Tim Mcgraw had put his father's baseball card on his wall previous to his knowledge that it was his father. Mcgraw had met his father at a baseball game. He had shown no interest in having a devoted relationship with Tim.

Present Life

Tim Mcgraw is still married to country pop artist Faith Hill. They got married in 1996. The couple has performed duets together. Faith has been part of the cast in Stepford Wives, Dixieland, Thank You Billy Graham and more. They have three daughters, Gracie Katherine Mcgraw, 18, born May 5th, 1997, Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw, 17, born August 12th, 1998, and Audrey Caroline Mcgraw, 13, born December 6th, 2001.

Tim Mcgraw's Life

Tim Mcgraw has been a successful artist and actor. He has a wife and three daughters and many albums. Mcgraw also has a lot of music awards and album sales. He's had albums hit number one and he is one of the most popular country singers on Earth.
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