Ms. Vanessa's Biweekly Class Update

for the weeks of 3/10/13 & 3/17/13


Ms. Vanessa has a new email address

Please use this email to reach her:

The joy jar is almost full!

What is the joy jar? Every time something joyful happens in the classroom, the kids put pom poms in the class joy jar. Once it is full, the class gets their previously voted upon celebration of a pajama and movie day. They are so close. Be on the lookout for more details about the day and the plan.

Tutors Needed in our Class Room

Ms. Vanessa is looking for parents to help tutor kids weekly. You will help with reading, handwriting, sight word assessments and other needs specific to each child. It will take place from 8:30am-9:15am every Tuesday and 12:00-1:00pm every Wednesday. More days may be added soon. Ms. Vanessa is looking for one parent to help on Tuesday morning ASAP. Please email Christina: and let her know if you are interested.

Assessments are happening the week of 3/10

It is going to be a busy one this week. Ms. Vanessa will be assessing all of our kids. If you haven't signed up for a conference time the week of 3/17, please do so ASAP. The sign up sheet is on the front door of the classroom.

Scholastic Book Club Orders Due March 15th

Our class Scholastic page has already earned six new books for the class. For every order you place, our class will receive a free book. Orders for this month are due on March 15th and books will be delivered in approximately 10 days. Our class activation code is: LZ38M. Visit Scholastic here:

Walk-a-thon...coming very soon. Our class is fundraising as a team!

On April 12th, our kids will be doing a walk-a-thon at the Assistance League during school hours, from 8:30am-Noon. Our class fundraising goal is $2,500 or $110 per child. It will be way easier to solicit donations for this event because everything is now online. We'll all be registered under 'Team Vanessa' and you'll get a personal fundraising page for your child. You'll be able send this page to friends, family and co-workers and collect funds online. The kids will decide on the celebration for reaching our class goal. More details coming very soon.

Mystery Readers: seven spots open for remainder of school year

From May 2 through the end of the school year, we need seven more mystery readers on Thursdays. Arrive by 2:30 to sign in at the front office. Thank you for considering! Please sign up here:

Connected & Respected/Mindfulness

This week, our kids learned about a new way to approach a conflict, called ABCD Conflict Solving. It goes like this: A: Ask what is the problem; B: Brainstorm solutions; C: Choose a solution to try; D: Do it!
During our biweekly room parent meeting, we got to see it in action with two of our kids. They both wanted the same item and it was quite a disagreement. Ms. Vanessa suggested that they try the ABCD solution, so they brainstormed ideas about how to make it work for both of them, they agreed upon a solution and then they did it. All by themselves!

Teach for Understanding (TfU)

Last week, our kids observed their seeds as they sprouted. During the next two weeks, they will be discussing what goes into making a garden. Upon their return from Spring break, our kids will be starting a garden.

Golden Goal

This week's golden goal is: "Working together as a team." Our kids are giving each other gentle reminders and helping each other out.

Volunteering at CWC Silver Lake

If you volunteer at school, you will need to provide TB test results in the very near future. There is an outbreak in Los Angeles. Please be on the lookout for further instructions about where to get the test for free and by when you'll need it.

Wanted: Gears, Gears, Gears!, Lakeshore Learning Gift Cards and more!

Ms. Vanessa tested out a gears, gears, gears set on loan from another school. It has been a big hit with the kids and is excellent for fine motor skills development to boot: If you are interested in purchasing them for the class, please contact Susan (

She can also really use Lakeshore Learning gift cards in any denomination. She'll use these for picking up specific curriculum materials as needed. Lakeshore ships them for free:

We are looking for book character stuffed animals, such as Curious George, Cat in the Hat and Madeline. If you have any to spare, the kids are in need of some in the library area.

Special thanks to Zoe's family, who already fulfilled the top three items on our class wish list!


Coffee with the Principal on March 15th

Come and get your daily fix of caffeine and snack on some good stuff. Oh, and chat with the Principal about anything at all. The next one is Friday, March 15th, right after drop off.

Oh YEAH! Kids Night Out, Parents Night Off, March 16th

The Kids Night Out event will be hosted by Mister Shaun, CWC TAs and volunteer parents. (We are also inquiring into Super Duper staff.) The night will be full of structured activities for the kids. Mister Shaun will lead a physical activity program. Christina Dupont will run a crafts & art program. There will be a pizza dinner break and a performance by Philip Solomon, who is a musician, variety and circus performer, juggler, stilt walker, fire performer (but not for this event) and also a Master Trainer for Cirque du Soleil. Oh, and he's also one of our CWC Dad's. Madagascar (run time 86 minutes) will be screened for the kids who want to catch a movie.
Print out the flyer here:

This event also needs volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Christina DuPont:

Our next Town Hall April 2nd

Details coming soon. The date changed. Mark your calendars, April 2, somewhere around 6pm-ish, for another exciting CWC SL gathering, this time at the Grant auditorium.

Kiddie Walk-a-thon on April 12th

Start stretching...the walk-a-thon is April 12th. You'll actually be cheering on the kids, but that requires stretching, too. Registration details coming soon.

Who to Contact

Our Room Parents

Under the leadership of Ms. Vanessa, our Room Parents are: Christina (Zosia), Laura (Roman), Susan (Colton) and Tamara (Jaffe).

Christina ( helps with: Organizing parent volunteers (i.e. drop off, tutors, clean up, lunches, and mystery reader) and organizing parents nights out and child play dates

Laura ( helps with: Organizing parties for the classroom, translation of the newsletter and co-coordinating field trips

Susan ( helps with: Newsletter, organizing scholastic book orders, and maintaining class wishlist

Tamara ( helps with: Representing our class at Friday Parent Meetings, emailing notes from those meetings to room parents, coordinating Find and Remind, co-coordinating field trips and is our treasurer

Past Updates