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CDC Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) and Children

Riverside Butterfly School is a state licensed preschool and as such, we maintain a high level of diligence with regard to cleaning and sanitation. We are ALWAYS cleaning and sanitizing and WASHING HANDS! We will continue to do so!

FAQ on this subject from the Center of Disease Control


ALSO Information on Recalled products:

RBS keeps an updated list of recalled products from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in a notebook outside my office. You are always welcome to stop by and look or you can sign up and get these recalls sent to your email.


Last but NOT least, if your child is sick with a constant runny nose, and/or a persistent cough with or without fever, they need to be home until they are better.

Please see our parent handbook beginning at the bottom of page 5.

Butterfly School News - MARCH 2020

February pre-enrollment went well, thanks to all who participated! I couldn't be more pleased that many of our current butterfly school families will be returning in the fall! We have now officially transitioned to the open enrollment phase with many classes nearly full! We do have openings in our Toddlers class and in our fours class! Typically these classes fill quickly as the new school year approaches, don't miss the opportunity to assure your child has a spot in our school.

Picture Day!

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SPRING BREAK March 9-13- No School

SPRING PICTURE DAY Tuesday, March 24, Wednesday, March 25

T Shirt Day Thursday, March 26th

EGGCEPTIONAL EASTER EVENT Thursday, April 9- Easter Egg Hunt and Movie! Details Below!

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It is WONDERFUL having our families enjoy our playground after school! What a blessing to enjoy our beautiful weather- when we have it!

A gentle reminder to please visit the restroom with your child BEFORE you go out to the playground. Reentry after hours is not allowed due to security reasons with our after school care.

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Chapel Chat -Ms. Chris

Happy March everyone! The children did such a good job listening and acting out bible stories about four strong and courageous people - David, Daniel, Gideon and Joshua. I hope they come home and share the stories and songs we have been singing. In March we will be hearing about how God guides us when we may be lost. God does miraculous things to bring his sheep home! Our memory verse will be

“ God will guide you” Psalm 25:7.

Musical Moments! Ms. Deborah

Spring is in the air! We will be adding new songs to sing for our program this month in music. I hope that your children are singing at home and sharing their songs with you. The 2s and 3s will continue songs with movement and instruments focusing on tempo and dynamics. The children are really grasping these core music concepts and makes class very exciting. The 3s continue their journey through the alphabet with T for tempo, U for unison, V for voice, and W for woodwinds. I’m excited to play my clarinet for them on woodwind day. The Pre-K classes have begun playing songs on chime bells. They are doing well remembering all the different kinds of notes we learned as well as their names. It is very exciting when we can play a song all at the same time together. The progress is so fun to watch! May you have a wonderful Spring Break, and May God Bless your travels!!

Amazing Artists at Butterfly School! -Ms. Jennifer

Spring is near and we are excited to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday along with Eric Carle and their beloved pictures books. In March we will focus on these two authors and create artwork that reflect their storybooks.

Spanish! Ms. Sandra

Hola amigos, this month we will be wrapping up with los numeros and starting las Emociones, the emotions. I have a great book to go with our emotion study called " El Monstruo de colores". I can't wait to start our study of the emotions. My classes make teaching so much fun!

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Movement Matters -Ms. Kayli

This month in P.E. Movement, the kiddos will be provided opportunities to become aware and confident in the different ways they can move their bodies in order to have fun and keep fit for life. Class will include fun movement songs, activities for hopping, skipping, and rhythmic motions, as well as components of traditional sports and games. Our children will learn the importance of taking turns, playing on teams, and listening to directions. We will do spring time games and yoga and have fun!

Super Sign Language -Ms. Luella

This year is flying by! Can it be Spring Break month already?! For March the threes will be leaning signs for O, B, K, green, seven, and signs from the unit ocean, bugs, and kites. The fours will be learning signs for X, Y, Z, yellow, and signs from the unit Dr. Seuss, Texas and 100th day. We will also learn about Linda Bove, a deaf actress that many know from Sesame Street! And we will learn the chapel Bible verse for March with signs. Pictures are us playing ‘Phone Game.’ The children line up and I sign something to the child at the end of the line and they must sign it to the person in front of them.

Library- Ms. Lee

The month of March in our Butterfly library will be all about humorous literature. We have funny dinosaur and superhero stories as well as a Dr. Seuss book collection to explore and these are just a few of the topics we'll cover. In addition, the Threes and I will be reading about bugs, the ocean, and ocean creatures, their classroom themes.

I'm excited that I'm seeing good listening skills and sustained interest in the stories I'm reading aloud. Our Butterfly students are enthusiastic in our discussions and they're asking thoughtful questions. I appreciate that they're so excited to select books that reflect their interests and take great care of our books too. We're having fun in the library!

Sensational Science- Ms. Tracy

This month in science the kids will learn about the water cycle by making their own rain clouds, buoyancy with a sink or float activity, and building sound structures with Legos while helping celebrate the 100th day of school.

Coding Kids- Ms. Susan

Change is in the air and we are changing out our technology. We have been using our BeeBots but we will be using our Code-a-pillar's . We will explore with our Code-a-pillar's and learn all the ways it can move. Code-a-pillar's have more parts to them. We will learn how to snap on the commands, how many commands we need to add to to make it move. We will be observing distance, movement and so much more!

"Coding is the language of math. Children can grow their math skills while coding, without even realizing it. Using their logic and calculation skills while creating something of their own can make math more engaging and fun. Another big reason coding should be taught in schools."


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You just THOUGHT you were finished YET there is more!

Read on!

Why are our children so bored at school, cannot wait, get easily frustrated and have no real friends?

I encourage all parents to invest a few minutes and read the article below and follow Victoria's blog. This article is worth weeding through some annoying ads. Victoria Prooday is a registered occupational therapist. She is a motivational speaker and a blogger on modern-day parenting and high-tech lifestyles and how that impacts a child's nervous system.

Butterfly School Teachers- Exceptional Educators! Wonderful Women! Terrific Teachers!

These enthusiastic educators are what makes RBS an outstanding school! These dedicated, patient professionals make a huge difference in the lives of our students everyday. Each one of these fantastic teachers play an important part in the success of our school! What a blessing they are to our children every day.

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Riverside Church Staff

Riverside Butterfly School is a Riverside church ministry. Our school shares space with our church family. We welcome you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:15. Hope to see you here!
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Pony Tail Club

Pink Heart Funds is a way to help children with hair loss during chemotherapy. Children are able to receive a wig, free of charge, if their family does not have the means to purchase one. You can find out more at the web site www.Pinkheartfunds.org. Pink Heart Funds is not associated with a similar organization; ‘ Locks of Love’. If you have any questions I am happy to visit with you. Peggy


Take a look at our Butterfly School Facebook page. Also look at our Riverside Church of Christ Butterfly School web site for more information on our amazing program.