Vending Machine Pricing Issues

By: Chike Esedebe

What is the Problem?

The pricing of our vending machine snacks and drinks are the problem. The price range it scattered and unreasonable. Chips usually cost $.50 while an average candy bar might cost $1.15. This is unacceptable and frustrating.
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What Should we Change?

We can fix this problem by cutting the prices on certain items. They are just snacks and shouldn't cost much at all. Nothing in a vending machine should cost more than dollar, ever. It's a sign that the school's saying 'We're desperate to make extra money off these machines', but as students we don't have to take that sitting down.
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How Should we change it?

The healthy snacks, which are addressed in my previous flyer, should cost about $0.25-$0.50, Chips should be around $0.50-$0.75 and candy bars should be $0.75-$1.00 depending on the amount of food given in the snack. For example A bag of Lays chips would be $0.50 compared to a bag of Cheetos would be $0.75. Also an apple would cost $0.25 and a Granola Bar would cost $0.50.
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How will this help?

By using this pricing system it will encourage students to pick healthier foods since they are less expensive, but not necessarily force to choose one or the other. Also it's not making sweet snacks more expensive, but just making the fruits a little cheaper in comparison.
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Support the Cause

Help spread this idea by showing this flyer to friends, family, school staff and by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.
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