North Cape In Norway

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Why is the North Cape in Norway so interesting, you might ask? The North Cape was a tourist hot spot before the 1900s!!! Also hundreds of thousands of people visit every summer just to see it!!!! There are way more awesome things about North Cape and I hope you like them!

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The History about North Cape

(Hurtigruten) "The "globe" sculpture has become the symbol of the North Cape. In 1965 road to North Cape was completed. In the end of 1800s when British, German, and French tourists began to travel all the way up Northern Norway, thats when the north cape became a popular "finishing point".(Hurtigruten) Before the North Cape was built there was a small champagne pavilion that was built there first, but was blown down." The history in the North Cape in Norway is amazing.

Tourists Hotspot

"The North Cape is designed to awaken the explorer. (Travel Blog)A quarter of a million visit every summer. For the quarter of a million people that come every summer, they have one of the biggest hotels." In the end I guess I'm trying to say That they have a lot of tourist that come every summer.

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Facts of this cool Landmark

(Holiday Weather) "July is the hottest month in North Cape. North cape is on top of a big plateau. It's 300m above sea level." There are some cool facts on North Cape in Norway.


The North Cape of Norway is a pretty cool thing. It also has some great history in it. I didn't just write these facts down because they were facts about it, I wrote them because I liked them and they were really cool facts.