Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

August 29th, 2019

What is going on?

Thank you so much for sharing and trusting me with your wonderful children. We have really started to get into a good routine and they are growing and learning in Second Grade!

I really hope they are enjoying school.

Please make sure the kids are reading nightly and doing math facts or numeracy activities. These are the building blocks for later...Please note them in the planner.

Word work will start the week of Sept. 9th. The "All About Me Poster" is due after Labor day.

Please make sure you get in the routine of checking the "team website." This will inform you of our weekly curriculum.

Thanks so much! Happy 3 Day Weekend!

Sommer Parents,

Hello! We know that the gift of your time is just that... a gift. Whether you measure your gift in minutes or hours, we truly appreciate every moment that you contribute. No crazy time demands. Just parents coming together in whatever ways they can to help make our school a community and our kids enriched. Please use the links below to sign up to volunteer (Ex. Staff Appreciation, Passport to Sommer, Math Superstars, Healthy Lifestyles, Carnival and much more!) or find descriptions to help you decide what you would be interested in. We appreciate you helping us help our school!

Already know what your interested in? Click here.

Need a full description of the many PTA volunteer opportunities? Click here.

Supplies Needed for the next two weeks: Please let me know if you can donate. I really appreciate your help!

    • gummy worms x2 (Baker)

    • Popsicles- 1 box (Baker)

    • Play doh (Max)

    • Juice any kind (Siobhan)

    • Dish soap (small) (Siobhan)

    • Cheeze its

    • Gold Fish

    • Pretzels

    • Ritz

    • Graham Crackers

    • Club Crackers

    • Saltine Crackers

This and that

Friday Lunch- We are so grateful for parents that pick up lunch for us!


  • Sept. 5 4th Grade

TAG Parent Information Night( 2 Sessions): Both on Sept. 5

  • 4:15-5:00
  • 5:30-6:15

Other Dates:

  • Aug. 29 8:15 am School Fire Drill
  • Sept. 2 Labor Day Holiday
  • Sept. 6 7:40 Friday Assembly: 3rd-5th Grades Student Leader Recognition
  • Sept. 6 8:15 2nd Cup of Coffee w/the Principal
  • Sept. 9-27 PTA Stuff the Boots Fundraiser
  • Sept. 12 6:00 PM PTA Club Night
  • Sept. 20 7:40 Friday Assembly: K-2nd Grades Student Leader Recognition

If your child loves to sing and perform, then the Stallion Choir is the place for them. Stallion Choir is only for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. We meet on Thursdays from 2:50-4:00, all year, beginning September 12th. This group will perform at various required events throughout the year (district/campus:November 5th, December 6th, April TBA) and will work on a major musical from October-the end of April (performance April 30th, 2019). In order to have a successful year, we are looking for members who follow all Stallion expectations on a regular basis. This means that selected members will be expected to do their job as a student, be at ALL the dates mentioned above, and have a way to go home on time after each rehearsal. This group will be capped at 90 members. By submitting this form your child is APPLYING to be a part of this years Stallion Choir. We will notify everyone whether or not you are a Stallion Choir member of the 2019-20 school year by September 3rd . Applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED PAST FRIDAY, AUGUST 30th at 9:00 am. *If you have multiple children, please submit a separate form for each child.*

2019-2020 Stallion Choir Application

Have a great weekend!