July 28, 2020

A Message From the Principal


My name is Shannon Holden, and I am the Principal of Pierce City High School & Middle School. Our staff has been working all summer long to prepare for the most important school year in the history of our district.

We are excited to get back to the important task of educating your student - but we also respect the risks associated with gathering approximately 400 students, faculty, and staff in the building. We are going to try to follow county, state, and federal health guidelines as much as possible.

Future newsletters will describe our plan in greater detail, but I would like to inform you about a few of the overarching themes of our "Back to School" Plan:

1. Details of the plan could change quickly, and without warning.

2. I realize that the response to this pandemic has become highly politicized - one group of parents will be concerned that we have not put enough safeguards in place, and one group of parents will be concerned that we have put too many ridiculous safeguards in place.

3. We will conduct "in-person" school as long as we can, as safely as we can. If we are instructed to shut our doors by state and/or local officials, we have a distance learning plan in place.

4. We respect the rights of parents to opt out of "in-person" learning, and have created an "online" option for parents who choose to keep their student at home.

5. We are going to keep a positive attitude! We are going to make the best of a bad situation.

6. We are going to listen to our stakeholders, adjust our approach when feasible, and communicate as much as possible.

Here's to a GREAT 2020-2021 School Year! Drop me a line at sholden@pcschools.net if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

COVID-19 School Re-Entry Task Force

Pierce City R-VI Schools puts the safety of students and staff #1. With that in mind, we have been putting measures in place to make the 2020-2021 School Year as safe as possible.

Parents Can Choose "In-Person" or "Online" Learning For Their Student

If you are choosing "Online" learning for your student, please email sholden@pcschools.net to set up a meeting with our counselor and administration by August 24th. Online students will be enrolled in a virtual program called "Launch", which is offered through Springfield Public Schools. Students will be scheduled into classes based on their grade level, and need. Parents choosing this option will be required to keep their student in the online school until the end of the first semester. At that time, we will send communication home asking if the parent wants to continue their student in the program.

Student Schedules are Taking Shape!

In an effort to give PCHS students their choice of courses and electives to take in the 2020-2021 School Year, we are hosting a series of meetings where "In-Person" students will be able to construct their schedule. Counselors and teachers will be available to help students as they make their choices. These meetings will take place in the gym on the following dates:

Seniors: Wednesday, August 5th @ noon

Juniors: Wednesday, August 5th @ 2 pm

Sophomores: Thursday, August 6th @ 10 am

Freshmen: Thursday, August 6th @ noon

**Returning students who bring $20 for their Chromebook can pick up their device while here!**

Middle School schedules are far less complicated, and can be completed via email. Counselor Courtney Garner can be contacted at cgarner@pcschools.net and Principal Shannon Holden can be reached at sholden@pcschools.net

School Supply Lists - 2020-2021 School Year

Middle School

6th Grade

(2) pkgs wide-ruled loose leaf paper

(1) wide-ruled composition notebooks

(1) pocket folders w/ brads

(2) chisel-tip Expo markers (black or blue)

(2) pkgs pencils

(3) glue sticks

(1) 10-pk markers


(1) 24-pk colored pencils

(1) pair scissors

(1) zip-up pencil pouch

(1) large binder (preferably zip-up)

(1) pair headphones/earbuds

(2) boxes tissues (girls only)

(1) bottle hand sanitizer (boys only)

7th & 8th Grade


Index Cards

Spiral Notebook-1 Subject


Pocket Folder


2” 3-ring binder

8 pack of Notebook Divider tabs

Loose leaf paper

Glue stick

Colored Pencils

Expo Markers

Pair of headphones/earbuds


2 red pens

Casio FX-300ES Plus Scientific Calculator

#2 pencils

Additional item for Algebra 1 only:

(1) pkg of loose leaf Graphing Paper

(Ms. Wells)

#2 pencils

Red and Blue Pen


3 ring binder or 3 tab folder

Loose leaf paper or Spiral notebook


#2 pencils ( no mechanical)


Handheld pencil sharpener

Black Sharpie (small and large)

High School

All Students

Loose leaf paper, notebook


Mr. Hicks - Alg I, Alg II, Pre-Alg

3 ring binder (1 inch), graph paper, scientific calculator

Mrs. Parrigon - Eng II, Eng IV, Coll Eng

pocket folder, colored pencils, 4x6 index cards

Mr. Frey- Alg I, Geometry, Trig/Calc

scientific calculator, dry erase markers, 3 ring binder. Geometry only: compass, protractor

Ms. Ziler- Eng I, Eng III, and Composition

Eng I and Eng III - pocket folder, notebook

Mrs. Frey- Biology, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and A&P

Composition notebook, pocket folder

Mr. Ward- American History, Government

3 ring binder (1 ½ inch)

Ms. Pry- Physical Science, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry

Composition notebook, 3-ring binder, calculator, loose-leaf paper

**Other materials may be requested after school begins based on changing situations or needs.

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