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Amazingly, some lobsters can live up to be 100 years old! In fact, you will be impressed to know about the clawed-creatures diet, body structure / appearance, and it’s habitat. Lobsters are amazing creatures that you should learn about.


Did you know that a lobster's scientific name is nephropidae? Could you believe that lobsters could live up to 100 years old!? Maybe now that you know about the lobster a little more, you can enjoy it instead of being afraid of it. All together, a lobster is a thrilling organism.

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Lobsters shells shine so bright

They shine brighter than the night

I don't know if lobsters get cold

But I know that they are very bold

They are quick like a flickering light

They are a truly beautiful sight

All I know is that I’ve been told

That lobsters get killed and sold


My diorama was quite simple. I used paper, pipe cleaners,clay, and i painted my box blue on the inside. The lobster is number one, the starfish is number two, the sea sponge three, coral four, the jellyfish five, the sea horse is six, clown fish seven, and the whale is eight. I had a lot of fun making my diorama and I put a lot of effort into it.
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The predation on scallop by lobsters