Mrs. Stasney's 3rd Grade News

For the Week of April 15th

Spirit Week!

This week is SPIRIT WEEK in 3rd grade and at Bowen! Listed below are the themes for each day. Please note that there have been a few changes in the themes from last week's newsletter.

Monday: "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" (wear sunglasses)

Tuesday: "I'm Gonna Pass the Test" (wear mismatch clothes)

Wednesday: "We're gonna work out those problems!" (wear work-out clothes)

Thursday: "Hey Now! You're an All-Star!" (wear favorite sports team)

Friday: "We're RED-dy for the test!" (wear red)

Monday, April 22nd: "We're good to go!" (wear green)

Please remember that student dress must still follow the district dress-code on these theme days (shorts/skirts must be to top of knees, no sleeveless shirts).

What to Expect on Testing Days

For each of the 3rd grade students, and for many of you, next week's testing will be a first time experience! Here are a few things to expect on those days:

-The students will not have specials on testing days. We ask that all students be at school by 7:30 so that we have ample time to sharpen pencils, do lunch count, and get settled before testing begins.

-Students will have 4 hours to complete the test on each day. Lunch does not count towards the 4 hour time limit.

-The students will eat lunch in the classroom both days. At the beginning of our lunch time, we will walk as a class down to the cafeteria so that students who are purchasing lunch can get their trays. Many students prefer to bring their lunches on testing days, but it is not a requirement.

-Students will be provided snack on these days (usually something like a small bag of Cheez-Its or similar item). If students prefer to bring their own, they are welcome to. However, please do not pack anything that drips or leaves messy fingers. This means no oranges, apples, Cheetos, Takis, Doritos, etc.

-Bowen will be a "closed" campus these days. This means that no visitors are allowed on campus. You will not be able to eat lunch with your child or to drop items off in the office for your child.

-Our classroom gets pretty cold, so students need to dress accordingly. I suggest socks, comfy pants, and a light jacket or hoodie that can be put over a shirt. The students will be sitting still for most of the day. We get cold on regular days when we're out of our seats moving around!

How You Can Help

Many parents have emailed me asking what they can do to help their child prepare for the big ugly tests. Here are some suggestions:

-Look over your child's homework with him/her. Ask them "Why?" or "How did you solve that problem?" or "What clues in the story helped you answer that question?" For math homework, the students should be circling the numbers and key words in the problems as well as showing their work. For reading homework, the students should be finding text evidence that supports their answers.

-Keep calm and carry on! Keep things as normal as usual at home. Continue to feed your kids nutritious meals and to get them in bed for a restful night's sleep. The kids will pick up on any stress or worrying you might be doing about the test.

-Remember...these tests are just 2 days out of the entire school year...While government officials (such as state legislators and Texas Education Agency officials) put a lot of stock and value in these tests, that doesn't mean that we have to feel the same...

Upcoming Events

-Spirit Week Dress Up Days (see above)!

-Monday, April 15th: 6th Six Weeks begins!

-Thursday, April 18th: Bowen Art Show from 5-7 pm; VIPS Appreciation during Art Show; PTO meeting at 6 pm

-Friday, April 19th: 5th Six Weeks Awards at 9 am; Report cards sent home

-Tuesday, April 23rd: Big Ugly Math test

-Wednesday, April 24th: Big Ugly Reading test

-Monday, April 29th through Friday, May 10th: End of Year DRA testing

-Monday, May 27th: 3rd Grade Class Picnic at Tiffany Park from 12-1 pm (yes, this is Memorial Day....yes, we do have school this day)

-Thursday, May 30th: Wet & Wild during specials; 6th Six Weeks Awards at 9 am; Last day of school!!