School/Classroom Culture

Opportunities for Professional Learning 2015-2016

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Oakland Schools believes that learning happens within the context of the district, building and classroom culture; the culture teaches and culture counts. A variety of consultants are available for consultation, resources and professional learning. In addition, Oakland Schools supports of variety of related projects.

SchoolWide Opportunities

The Positive Support School Culture Model (PS2C) is a framework and professional learning series with embedded support for school teams wanting to synergize the core social, emotional and behavioral culture of their school. Using collaborative inquiry, school teams will analyze staff and student culture, school student data, and improve both climate and culture. A primary prevention plan will be drafted based on each team’s unique needs. Secondary intervention and individual student systems will also be explored. Input from all staff will be obtained between sessions.

11/4/15, 1/27/16 and 4/13/16 from 4:30-6:30 Room 250

12/9/15, 3/16/16 and 5/18/16 from 9-3 Room 250 $45 per person includes lunch and snacks

To Register: Contact Mary Perfitt-Nelson with questions.

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Classroom Culture Opportunities

Students bring their culture to our schools and classrooms. The teaching staff become part of that culture. The challenge is to create, collaboratively, a culture of learning within the space given.

We are excited to offer a comprehensive array of opportunities to help district staff become more intentional about the experiences they design.

The overall vision of the series was created collaboratively with Oakland County teachers and Oakland Schools staff from School Quality and Special Education who considered the crosswalk between teacher evaluation, important frameworks and the thinking of leading researchers in the field.

The series is sure to offer something for everyone. Preventative or responsive; Saturdays, half-days, virtual and face -to –face opportunities will exist.

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1. Foundations: The Art and Heart of Teaching

A teacher’s own identity, values and beliefs help form the basis from which flourishing cultures of learning may (or may not) grow. The focus of this two-day reflective experience is on exploring and clarifying our identities, values and beliefs around teaching and learning; demystifying what it takes to create the space/place we want and making our vision transparent for cultural transformation. Designed/Facilitated by: Dalyce Beegle, Bryan Dean, Mary Perfitt-Nelson and Holly Zimmerman.

Cohort 1: 12/3/15 and 1/12/16

Cohort 2: 3/9/16 and 3/28/16

9 to 3 pm $35 per person includes materials, lunch and snacks

Contact Mary Perfitt-Nelson with questions.

2. The Classroom Environment Virtual Series

Reflective practitioners intentionally design environments that are learner-friendly with plenty of predictable routines. The space supports dialogue, collaboration and growth from feedback. They teach what they expect and are authentically present , creating a compelling context for teaching and learning. This on-line series will offer three separate modules: Learner Friendly Culture; Freedom within Form and The Physical Environment. Participants will identify a target of advancement to continue crafting the culture they envision. Designed by Jason Cuthrell, Bryan Dean , Jackie Gilmore, Laura Milner, Mary Perfitt-Nelson and Holly Zimmerman.

Coming Spring 2016 via MiPlace (Virtual Learning Space).

3. Responding to Disruptions

This professional learning experience is designed for educators who want to examine, more closely, the nature of classroom disruptions they experience. By identifying a target of advancement, participants will consider underlying causes and explore effective ways to support and intervene. Facilitated by Mary Perfitt-Nelson. Consider Foundations, the Art and Heart of Teaching and The Classroom Environment for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Saturdays: 2/6/16

or 4/16/16


Room 250 Oakland Schools $10 per person

4. Motivation Reluctant Learners Virtual Book Study

This virtual book study will be designed to support educators who are puzzled about students who resist to invest in their classroom. Participants will need to obtain their own book by Robyn Jackson. Coming soon via MiPlace

Department of School Quality: Student Engagement Unit

Sitting within the Department of School Quality, the Student Engagement Team is focused on the context in which teaching and learning occurs and the quality of the overall experience for students. Consultants with varied, diverse experiences come together to support Oakland County staff interested in creating environments that intentionally nurture the gifts each student, teacher, administrator and support person brings to the table.

Consultation, resources and professional learning available. Engaged students are the goal!

Stephanie Barlow: Project Assistant

Karen Gomez: Socio-Emotional/Mental Health

Jay Marks: Cultural Competence/Social Justice

Julie McDaniels: Social-Emotional Learning

Mary Perfitt-Nelson: Student /Classroom Culture