Recollection this Sunday

Visit to Nursing Home on Saturday

Dear All,

We just wanted to let you know about two upcoming events this weekend for high school men. On Saturday we will be making several visits to nursing homes if you would like to come along for one of them. Please see the details below. Also, Sunday is our monthly morning of recollection.

Finally, our Spring Break Service Project to Mexico is open for application. Just visit to apply.



Alex Hoff

Director, The Grade

Morning of Recollection

Sunday, Feb. 7th, 10am-12:45pm

5505 Chaucer Drive

Houston, TX

Morning of Recollection

All high school boys are invited to attend a morning of recollection at the Chaucer Drive Study Center.

A morning of recollection is like a mini retreat where you can spend some time in silence with God and reflect on the direction of your spiritual life. There is time for prayer, spiritual reading, and an examination of conscience. There is also confession available and Sunday mass will be offered. It is a great opportunity to *recollect* yourself and make good resolutions (both spiritual and material) for the month to come.

Here is the schedule:

10:00: Arrive, examination of conscience, spiritual reading
10:30: Holy Mass
11:30: Talk
12:00: Meditation (time of prayer), preached by a priest in the chapel

12:30: Snack
12:45: End

Visit to Nursing Home Near Western Academy

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 11:30am-12:45pm

1511 Butlercrest Street

Houston, TX

We will meet at Western at 11:30 pm and drive to Memorial Health and Rehabilitation on Blalock. We'll return to Western by 12:45 pm. Email Alex Hoff for more info:

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Visit to Nursing Home near Chaucer

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2:30-3:45pm

5505 Chaucer Drive

Houston, TX

We will meet at Chaucer at 2:30 pm and drive to Belmont Village on Holcombe. We'll return to Chaucer by 3:45 pm. Email Carlos Fernandez for more info:

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Spring Break Service Project (Mexico)

This year we will again be traveling to Monterrey, Mexico to assist the parish of Jesus Sumo Sacerdote in both educational and catechetical projects. There will also be time for sports, hiking, and conversation.


  • Cost - $250 (travel, room/board, etc.)
  • Dates - March 12th - 18th
  • Lodgings - "El Molino" Conference Center, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Project - Day camp at Parish
  • Donations - Everyone is encouraged to ask relatives, friends, and work colleagues for assistance. Donations are tax deductible. Also, extra clothing and toys are very helpful for our visits to those in poverty.
  • Application - Apply at We will respond by February 14th.
  • More Info - For more information please contact Joe Kolf at (314) 402-3491 or

Remember: Extra Study Night on Wednesday at the Long Point Study Joint

Tuesday Study Nights at Swift are still in full swing, however we are adding an extra study night on Long Point Rd. for those of you who live on the west side of town!

The studying will take place on the corner of Butlercrest and Long Point at 9909 Long Point. There are two driveways to enter by and a large parking lot!

As with Swift Study Nights, this is a quiet environment where serious study takes place, as well as a time to socialize with friends during dinner.

The schedule is as follows:

4:30 pm - Doors open

4:30 - 6:30pm - Quiet Study

6:30 - 7pm - Dinner (pizza, Chinese, Whataburger, etc. - $5)

7:30 - 7:40pm - Visit to the chapel at Western

7:40 - 8:30 - Quiet Study

8:30 - End

Confessions and spiritual direction with a priest will be available during the quiet study times.