The Reformation

Done by ; Lhamia walker

The reformation

this simply took place in 1517 (:

The change

Martin Luther tried to change the catholic church & when he couldn`t a whole new Religious group formed. He Didn`t like indulgences & how priests sinned. Mr. Luther also wrote the 95 theses. The 95 theses was basically like formal statements , attacking the church. On October 31st (1517) - he posted the statements on the church door. They were copied and known all over Germany. It was known as the reformation - a religious reform.

What caused the reformation ?

The Renissance weakned the church , & the printing press spreaded secular books. secular means like worldly / universal. it wasn`t really religious & thats why the church didnt like it much. After the secular books were spread, Guttenberg developed the printing press.

The People who were involved

Lets talk a Little about Predestination ,

It`s Like God knew from beinning of time where you were gonna end up. He knows if you`ll go to heaven or be Damned to Hell. Mr.Luther Does NOT beileve in predestination.

- there are a couple of examples of strict rules like no playing cards and no bright Clothes.