The Greek Revolution

By : Rachael

When and Where did it happen?

The greek revolution took place mainly in Greece but many Ottoman/Egyptian fleets wanted to attack the greek islands as well.This took place from 1821 - 1832.

What caused it?

What caused the Greek Revolution was Greece wanting there independence from the Ottoman empire (Better known as the Turkish).Many peasants in Greece were given constant hardship from the Ottoman empire.Also the Ottoman empire would put heavy taxation upon the citizens of Greece.After many years of negotiation, many countries joined Greece for battle.

Who was involved?

Russia, Britain, and France joined Greece to go against the Ottoman empire.The Ottoman empire was assisted by there two vassals Egypt and Tunisia.The Greeks team wanted to gain there independence.The Turkish team wanted to keep there rule over Greece the same.

What were some results?

Some results of the Greek Revolution was Greece becoming its own independent nation. Also equality between the upper and lower classes of Greece.Also the unifacation of the Greek states by John Kolettes who was a part of the french party.Overall it was a sucessful win for Greece.

What were some lasting effects?

A lasting effect of the Greek revolution was a new form of government for Greece.King Ortto was replaced by King George which helped Greece come together as one nation. It also helped with the interference of Russia, Britain, and France in political affairs.