Causes of the American Revolution

The colonists will not take orders from Britain no more!


The colonists hated the economic policy that colonies should support their mother country(Britain) by providing raw materials, and having to buy the finished goods. They have to give the raw materials to Britain for little or nothing and then buy the finished goods for higher prices. It just did not make sense for the colonists to do this since their the ones that are getting hurt. Another thing is they could only trade and buy with Britain(Navigation Acts). The colonists got fed up that Britain was taking advantage by getting money from them, which made them want to revolt.

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The Stamp Act

he Stamp Act placed a tax on almost all printed materials including newspapers, wills, and playing cards. The colonists were enraged with this act. The newspapers were there way of knowing what happens around the world which made The Press angry. Gamblers were mad since they would be paying more money for their playing cards. The colonists also had no voice(representation) in Parliament which led them to the need for action.

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Proclamation of 1763

This law prohibited settlement west of the Appalachian mountains to reduce conflict with the Native Americans. The colonists were seriously ticked off the colonists because they fought for this land for a long time(French and Indian war) and this is how Britain treats them! As if nothing else could go wrong, Britain taxes the colonists because of the huge debt from the war. The colonists thought they deserved the right to settle and should not be taxed because they did all the work(fighting) in the war.

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Tea Act

This act placed a tax on tea which really hurt colonial tea merchants. The merchants did not get much money because not many people would buy the highly priced tea. This led to protests by the Sons Of Liberty and leader Sam Adams which caused the Boston Tea Party, which led to millions of dollars of tea gone. Then Britain made the Intolerable Acts which made the colonists think its time to stand up for themselves.

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Causes of the American Revolution Review

Post Video Questions

1. How did the Sons of Liberty and other rebels use propaganda to get people to help them to rebel against Britain?

2. What did Parliament do in retaliation to the Boston Tea Party?

3. What native american tribe fought for the French against Britain?

Webquest Questions

1. Scroll down and click on American Revolution History. What was the battle the kicked off the American revolution? Also list who was it between.

2. Go back to the home screen and click on The Continental Congress. What did the delegates do at The First Continental Congress?

3. Go back to the home screen and click on Boston Massacre. How many colonists died? Who was the first to die?

Political Cartoon on The Stamp Act

This cartoon is about the Stamp Act of 1765. The woman represents Britain and the severed body parts represent some of the colonies. This is showing that if The Stamp Act is not repealed, then the relationship between the colonies and the mother country will be lost.

Published by Benjamin Franklin

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