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Information about Domain 4 & EOY Conferences

The End-of-Year (EOY) Conference provides an opportunity for the appraiser and the teacher to summarize the observations for Domains 1-3, formalize the evidence and score for Domain 4, and to discuss next year’s goal(s) and professional development plan.

Aligned with the notion of continuous improvement, the goal-setting and professional development processes are interwoven to positively impact performance. Teachers authentically engage in reflection about current professional practices using teacher and student data, identify professional growth goals, establish and implement a professional development plan to attain those goals, and track progress toward the goals over the course of the year.

Learning Targets for Reflection & Goal Setting

  • I can identify how reflection and growth planning is connected to my effectiveness as a teacher.
  • I can understand the T-TESS process for self-reflection and professional growth planning.
  • I can produce professional growth goal(s) that are anchored in the T-TESS rubric and are personally meaningful to me.

The Professional Growth Process

  • Teacher reflects on T-TESS rubric and personal practice to draft at least one goal.
  • Teacher shares goal with Principal and/or Assistant Principal for feedback.
  • Principal/Assistant Principal approves or asks for revision.
  • Teacher implements learning strategies for attaining Professional Growth (PG) goal.
  • Teacher reflects on progress; Principal and/or Assistant Principal & teacher discuss progress.

Summative Conference- Evidence for 4.2 Goal Setting & 4.3 Professional Development

  • Teachers reflect on current goal.
  • Teachers share evidence to document progress
  • Identify the evidence of goal attainment/progress, including the impact on student achievement.
  • Identify the professional development participation connections for your goal.
  • Describe how you used your goal and the professional development above to impact instruction and student achievement.
  • What, if anything would you have done differently? How will you extend your goal/learning?

Goal Reflection

Review the T-TESS rubric. What dimension do you want to focus on to help improve professional practice and instructional skills. Look at a variety of sources and types of student, teacher and district data (qualitative and quantitative) and reflect on student needs and strengths. Reflect on the following:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is/are the correlating T-TESS dimension(s)?
  • How will you accomplish the goal?
  • When do you anticipate your goal will be accomplished?
  • How will you know your goal has been met? What evidence will you look at to make the determination? How will you know whether or not it has impacted instruction and student achievement?