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May 5, 2018~~~~ Jesse Boyd Elementary School

Greetings from Dr. Rose

May has arrived, and we could not have asked for better May weather than what we have this weekend. As I stated in my newsletter last weekend, MAY MATTERS. In fact, if any of you follow me on Twitter you will see many learning engagements from our students with the hashtag #maymatters this month and it is a common theme with our teachers these last weeks of school. We certainly do not "count down the days" until summer. In fact, while our teachers certainly look forward to vacations, slower days, and some time off to get their home "to-do" list done, our teachers also spend a many hours in professional development, curriculum design, and in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year during those summer months. Our teachers do not count down the days until summer for the two simple reasons. The first is that May Matters and focusing on summer takes our concentration away from right now. Secondly, our teachers adore your student. At this time of year, our teachers feel that 180 days was not enough. When you are a teacher, the students in your classroom became a little piece of your heart forever. Seeing that bond and that daily relationship coming to an ending soon can be difficult for our teachers. Counting down to that can be harder.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. One of my favorite quotes about teaching is, "it takes a big heart to teach little minds." I hope you join me in thanking your student's teachers this week....not necessarily with gifts, but with your words of appreciation.


Our PTSO has planned a week of goodies for our teachers. This includes duty free lunch. Most of you can't understand why that is such a big deal, but it is. Each day our teachers don't have a "lunch break" like most working folks. They eat lunch with their students-monitoring and supervising. Having a duty free lunch allows teachers the opportunity to eat without their students. It is a HUGE gift. But we need your help to sign up and volunteer to supervise students. Please sign up below:


We had a great PTSO meeting last Monday at 5:30pm. We are having our final PTSO meeting of the year on Monday, May 7th at 1pm. Please join us...There is much to be discussed.


Our annual bike to school will be held on Wednesday, May 9th-on National Bike to School Day. Please join us. We will have juice and fruit for students after the trip to school.
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End of the Year Testing

One of the SC Legislative requirements is that we test all students, Grades 3-8, in ELA and Math at the end of each school year. That testing called SCReady begins Monday, May 7th. SCPass is required for 4th and 5th and begins this week as well. Below is the testing schedule:

ELA Day 1:

3rd grade: May 7th

4th grade: May 14th

5th grade: May 14th

ELA Day 2:

3rd grade: May 8th

4th grade: May 15th

5th grade: May 16th


3rd grade: May 10th

4th grade: May 16th

5th grade: May 17th


4th grade: May 18th

5th grade: May 11th

Class Pictures

Pictures will be taken at school on Wednesday.
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4th grade students

If your student signed up for Strings for 5th grade, please note that there is a meeting at SHS in the orchestra room on Monday, May 7th from 4-5:30.

At this meeting:

  • Students will get “sized” for their chosen instrument
  • Parents will get information about acquiring an instrument
  • Summer String Camp Registration materials will be available
  • Meet your child’s future teacher and ask questions

Should you need any further information please contact our Strings Teacher Mrs. Tipton at

Students choosing band, as you know your instrument testing and sizing was last week; however, it is never too late ( is too late in August) to choose band. If you missed those meetings last week, please contact our Band teacher Mr. McDaniel at

5th grade parents

We need a baby picture of your student.

You can email a picture to or if you are unable to scan a picture, you can bring it into school and we can do that for you. We need these pictures by MAY 15!

PTSO is accepting donations towards the 5th grade celebration. Any monetary gifts should be clearly labeled JBEPTSO. PTSO also needs canned sodas and small water bottles. These all can be dropped off in the JBE office by May 21st.

And do not forget about 5th grade Honor's Day on May 30th:

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Cell phone usage in Carline

We understand that the carpool line, both mornings and afternoons, can be hectic. We certainly try to do our best to ensure the line goes quickly and as smoothly as possible while always putting the safety of our students as our first priority.

We have noticed in the past few weeks an increase of cell phone use during carpool line. As stated before, we put the safety of our students as the number one priority. We are concerned with parents using cell phones distracting the flow of the traffic, disrupting concentration on their student, and reckless driving due to non-blue tooth usage.

We respectively ask that you not use your cell phone in the car line. Again our students' safety is of the most importance.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Rose at 594-4430 or

Bruster's at Lunch

Money must be paid by Wednesday morning.
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Each year, as a culmination of their IB education, our 5th grade students have EXHIBITION. Students, carry out an extended, in-depth, collaborative project known as the PYP exhibition. This involves students working collaboratively to conduct an in-depth inquiry into real life issues or problems Students collectively synthesis all of the essential elements of the PYP in ways that can be shared with the whole school community.

This year at JBE, our 5th grade students are working towards many aspects of their Exhibition. The action piece has begun through a sock program. The fifth grade students of Jesse Boyd started the sock campaign to provide clean drinking water for schools where children cannot get the clean water they need to live healthy lives. Help us play a small part in giving the gift of water - purchase a pack of socks and together we can change the lives of others... one step at a time. Remember, Every Drop Counts!!!!!!!

Dates Coming Soon

Monday, May 7th: 3rd grade Day 1 ELA SCReady test

Tuesday, May 8th: 3rd grade Day 2 ELA SCReady test

Wednesday, May 9th: Bike to School Day

Class Pictures Taken

Bruster's money due

Thursday: May 10th: 3rd grade Math SCREADY test

Friday, May 11th: 5th grade SCPass Social Studies Test

All Pro Dads-7am

Bruster's at lunch