Government & Economy

By: Blayke

Different types of government

The three types of government are democracy, autocracy and oligarchy.


  • more modern countries use this today
  • where people have a say in stuff

Who uses it? - United states, Spain, Japan

Opinions- This one is a good government because it gives a peolple a say on what goes on.

Different types-

  • direct- citizens are allowed to decide on issues themselves, usually through public votes
  • inderect- dont decide on issues themselves, but elect people who will do it for us

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  • one person is in control through election or inheritance
  • one of the oldest and most common

Opinions- This one if okay but people dont reall get to decide anything

  • totalitarian- meaning that the person in charge rules every aspects of their lives
  • Monarchy- queen or king
  • Dictatorship- usually have rules that people think are cruel

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  • is a system where a group of people hold the power
  • get their power through wealth, military power, or social position

Views- This one is okay, I think its cool because a group of people get to decide

Who uses it?- Iran, China, and Russia

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  • is based on habit and custom, such as hunters sharing a kill with their families
  • used in the early days

Opinions- This economy is very different and strange

Who uses it?- no one really uses it today

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  • mixed economy- private groups make decisions about what to produce and what to buy, people have freedom on what they will do with their money

Opinions- This one is good because the people get to handle their money

Who uses it?- Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United States

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  • all of the land, labor and capital are owned or directed by the government, they can control how much produce or how much you spend

Opinions- This one would be better if people could decide how much they spend

Who uses it?- Cuba,Iran, Liberia, and North Korea. Formerly, the Soviet Union and China

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