The Secondary Report...


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Take pride in how far you have come & have faith in how far you can go!

My Goals for 2016-2017

  1. Brag on what we are proud of.
  2. Be deliberate about being with our students.
  3. Think through a Building and Student lens when making decisions.
  4. We are professionals. Dress for Success...
  5. We have to be visible and engaging.
  6. Stay positive... Our UP side is huge!

Huge Thanks to everyone for sending weekly staff updates!

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This Week...

September 23 First Quarter Progress Reports Go Home

September 22 Phil with Secondary If I have not contacted you, he will not be coming to your school this time.

September 26th Site PD Day send me your Agenda

College App Week. Mid-Del’s College App Week is October 3 – 7, 2016.
Your Counselors have resources for this from Meagan.

Reminder: A copy of ALL SUSPENSIONS WILL NEED TO BE SENT TO OUR OFFICE 9 (S. Toombs). This can be through school mail or through e-mail


From K. Nichols. Each site should elect a Site Professional Development Committee with 5 or more members including an administrator. The chair of the committee should be selected from the teacher representatives. The role of this committee is to help coordinate the site professional development activities, develop a professional development plan (form included) and facilitate the selection of the site teacher of the year. Please send a list of your professional development committee, including a designated chair, to me as soon as possible on the attached form. The professional development plan can be sent at a later date when the committee has had time to meet. The District Professional Development Committee is charged with facilitating the process of the Teacher of the Year selection, conducting an annual needs assessment, and assisting in the planning of district wide professional development activities. The committee meets monthly, as needed, on the third Wednesday of the month. The first meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2016 at 4:15 in room 129 of the administration building. We have 2 vacancies on this committee for the 2016-2017 school year. We need 1 middle school teacher and 1 high school teacher to complete the committee. Nominations for these 2 vacancies must be taken and a district wide election be held. Please solicit volunteers from your site who wish to be nominated to serve on this committee and return the attached form to my office by the end of the business day on Thursday, September 22. Voting will be held district wide September 26-30. A ballot will be sent to the Site Professional Development Chairperson by September 26th so he or she can facilitate the voting.

Just a reminder that the 2nd Instructional Coach meeting is this coming Thursday. It will start at 9:00 in room 212. This months presentation will be on chunking content. The presenters for this month are Justin Mann and Krystal Ross.

The definition of NFAY for the 16-17 school year has not changed from last year. The 20th day of instruction according to Mid-Del’s calendar is Friday, September 16th. This means that every student that is enrolled after this Friday will be designated as NFAY and will not count towards our accountability for this year. Keep a record of students that should have a status of NFAY. Remember that the state tracks and marks these students for us. You will need your record to compare to their data in order to ensure that all NFAY students are removed from your accountability. Call Sean if you have any questions.

Last week we had five students come to the Senior Project meeting at the district offices. I have attached below the manual. Please stress to your sponsors the importance of collecting documents on their due date.

Important Docs...

Athletic Director Notes...

Below is a link to the 16-17 Athletic Compliance Meeting. I am requesting that any coach who missed the meeting or is hired at a later date sit with you (Site AD) and review the agenda items. I have attached a blank PD sheet that should be completed and sent to Susie Toombs as documentation.

Should you be struggling with a Rank One issue please start by seeking support from

Several have asked what our 16-17 Adjunct Coaching processes will be. To help answer these questions Mr. Mendenhall has provided a memo of understanding. After reading the attached Adjunct Coaches memo should you have additional questions please contact HR.

As we start Fall competition please remind all coaches of the importance of Heat/Hydration concerns.

Reminder: Annual courses are required to coach in Oklahoma

1. Concussions in Sports

2. Heat Illness Prevention

3. Sudden Cardiac Awareness

These are all free and can be taken at www.NFHS.learn

1st time ever coaches must take a FUNDAMENTALS OF COACHING course. This can be taken at www.NFHS.learn there is a $40 fee for this course.

All coaches (full time and adjunct) Must have a Essentials of Athletic Injury Management class on their college transcript or take the free class offered by the Mid-Del District.

I have scheduled an Audit day with each head principal to review all individuals on the Increment List for compliance with the trainings above. Please help them gather documentation.

I want to thank each of you for supporting the OATA Safety Campaign. Below I have attached a link that has all the info you will need to properly acknowledge your training staff.

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