google play vs itunes

Dislikes and Likes

Google Play

  • The google play store has more free apps than the itunes store.
  • Less popular than the itunes store.
  • Focuses more on apps.
  • Has 70,000 apps and counting.


  • Not growing as fast as the google play store.
  • Has newer games avalible.
  • Focuses more on music
  • 230,000 apps and counting in the App Store
  • Products tends to cost more
  • Can be acsessed on a ipod, iphone, and computer


  • Both itunes and google play are mobil app and music stores.
  • Used to buy apps, movies, music and even books without even having to plug your phone or device into your computer.
  • Both use pre paid cards or credit cards to buy the apps and other products.
  • Both can be loged on to on a computer and can acsesses the apps you have downloaded and look at other apps you have not downloaded yet.

Google Play

iTunes store