Guidelines For Rimrock Gym Use

January 2023

Guidelines For Gym Use During Basketball Competitions

Dear Bruneau-Grand View Families,

Your enthusiasm and support for student athletics is deeply appreciated. As a community we turn out in force to show our support for our sons and daughters as they compete against athletes from around the state. Furthermore, referees that come to our school have often mentioned their appreciation for the good sportsmanship of our athletes and fans, and for our adherence to safety protocols that keep both athletes and spectators safe from start to finish in competition.

Key to continuing our trajectory of success is to listen to the suggestions, concerns, and observations from our community. As such, it has recently been brought to my attention of the need to consider three specific changes to our given practices, as a means to be more inclusive of the needs of our fan base. Before responding to each of the requests/concerns addressed below, consultation was obtained from our insurance agency, additional high schools in the region, referees, safety personnel, and the school superintendent, in addition to input from patrons. As such, the position of Rimrock Junior Senior High School on the following items is as follows:

  • Use of the basketball court during half time periods is permissible, provided the use is for student events that have been approved by the athletic director for the school district 24 hours in advance. Only socks may be worn during this use of the court in order to protect the gym floor from damage resulting from inappropriate foot attire and/or debris. General audience play on the floor during half time periods will not occur, as IHSAA is very strict about half time periods being strictly observed and attempting to clear fans off the floor once half time is over may cause a delay in starting times for games.
  • Due to the limited size of the gym, seating on the bottom row of the bleachers constitutes an increased risk for patrons and athletes to be injured during competitive play. That being noted, and in keeping with IHSAA expectations regarding the prioritization of safety at all events, seating on the first row of the bleachers will not be permitted during basketball games.
  • In alignment with legal guidelines with the ADA, individuals with disabilities are given equitable access to all resources and events. As such, only people with disabilities at our basketball events have special seating arrangements provided by the school.

Ultimately the desire is for everyone to have a safe and fun experience at home basketball games. Families and students add a wonderful element to the game atmosphere, and the student athletes are appreciative of the ongoing support which has always been a hallmark of competitive play at Rimrock Junior Senior High School. Having the aforementioned rules in place helps to maximize safety for all persons at school events in the gym, and guarantees our ongoing provision of a quality facility for competitive basketball for years to come. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Most sincerely,

Tony Richard


Rimrock Junior Senior High School

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