Andrew Jackson

Hero of the Common Man

Humble Origins

Jackson was born on the western frontier to immigrant working class parents. His father died before he was born. He was a self made man who became a lawyer with very little formal education. Jackson went on to become a war hero at the Battle of New Orleans where he crushed the British even though he was vastly outnumbered. Andrew Jackson is the voice of the common man and will represent the common man at every step in his presidency.

Opening more land to settlers!

Jackson used his power to remove Native Americans, opening up large amounts of land to further development by white settlers. This also allowed Americans to have access to the gold which was found on Cherokee lands. This also allowed the Native Americans to have access to large amounts of land in the west where they could live in peace and practice their cultural traditions.

The Corrupt National Bank!

Jackson successfully closed the National Bank. The bank leaders had become corrupt and Jackson recognized the bank as a tool for the wealthy. The National Bank only loaned money to the wealthy and had no benefit for the common man.

The Fall of the National Bank

Here Jackson successfully strikes down the National bank and all of its corrupt members by vetoing the Second Bank of the United States.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency