Great Barrier Reef Vacation

Nick Galen

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful reef off the east corner of Australia. It's the largest coral reef in the world and can even be seen from space.

There are many fish, coral, and plants that life in the reef

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Cardinal Fish

A small, elusive species, Cardinal Fish have large eyes and mouths for their size and are notable to having their dorsal fin separated from a single protrusion into twin fins, a relative rarity among reef-dwelling fishes.
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Red Algae

These forms of algae may be found from the shallowest reef flats to depths exceeding 150 ft. on the fore reef - depths at which their special photosynthetic pigments can still extract the remaining blue part of the incoming sunlight.
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Brain Coral

Brain coral is a common name given to corals in the family Mussidae, so called due to their generally spheroid shape and grooved surface which resembles a brain.


Everyone 15 or younger just always be accompanied by an adult during the trip. We are not responsible for any injuries during the tour, everything is at your own risk.