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Childhood and Background

St. Catherine of Sienna was born on March 25, 1247 in Sienna, Italy. St. Catherine was a very determined person because she led a crusade against the Muslims and persuaded the pope to go back to Rome; she was a compassionate person because she devoted her life to serving the poor; she was a family person because she was one out of 25; she was hardworking because she worked to bring the papacy of Gregory XI back to Rome from its misplacement in France. What influenced St. Catherine to be pious was because she had a vision of Christ at the age of 5 or 6 and she devoted her life and virginity to god at the age of 7. St. Catherine prepared for the future by doing everything she could to help her religion.

Importance and Becoming a Saint

St. Catherine of Siena was a very religious woman. In Catherine of Siena’s era, a lot of children either had diseases or died so she worked to care for the sick. In her era, people also didn’t live very long so she made sure that while she and others were alive, she made their and her life well worth living. In doing this, it shows that she is a caretaker of the society of Rome. She would also help others before herself. St. Catherine was an import person because she was a caretaker. She was a very happy child and got the nickname, “Euphrosyme” which means joy. She was also a very intelligent woman. She taught herself to read, she was a writer, did charity work, and was involved with political events of her time. These are the things that she did to become a saint..

Fun Facts and Celebrations

Saint Catherine of Siena led a crusade against the Muslims. She’s a patron saint of Italy. She was declared a doctor of the church in 1970. She was working to bring the papacy of Gregory XI back to Rome after it was misplaced. She had twenty-five siblings in her family. She was the third youngest of the twenty-five. Based on our research, Saint Catherine of Siena benefited society by helping everyone that was in need. We celebrate Saint Catherine of Siena on the day of April, 29 on her feast day. One impressive thing about Saint Catherine of Siena’s religious life is that she had visions of God at around the age of six. She swore not to marry at a young age and died as a virgin. It’s very impressive that she was able to live the holy that like she did. Saint Catherine is one of the most religious saints in my opinion. Catherine is a fantastic role model to young children and all religious adults. She is an outstanding saint who lived by God’s commandments. She lived her whole life with 25 siblings and was still named a saint. That shows how responsible, determined, and caring she was.

Did You Know? Saint Catherine of Siena (Feast Day: April 29)


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