Galaxy Guided Tours

The best way to see the milky way!

What do we do?

We will give you a guided tour around the Galaxy for a great price of only $500,000!

Where will we take you?


There is three levels of accommodation you can have on our safety jet.
-Single (A single bed, A small kitchen and A small desk)

-A Double (A double bed, A slightly bigger kitchen and a desk)
-A Royal (2 bedrooms with a queen bed in each, A large kitchen and an office)

A 5-star restaunt will serve you a buffet breakfast, lunch & Dinner, 24 hours a day! Our food is what you would normally eat in space form. To make it easy for your body to adjust in space we will only allow you to have 2 average-size meals a day but in just 4 days you will be able to eat however much you like!
There are activities around the rocket that vary from a cupcake shop to exhibition halls to rock walls!