Monday Memo

January 19, 2015

Weekly Happenings

Monday 1/19/15: No school! Be sure to have your grades in PowerSchool today.
Tuesday 1/20/15: Report cards printed at 9AM and sent home
Wednesday 1/21/15:
Thursday 1/22/15: Theresa at AoD Meeting in AM | Communion service at church | Learn 2 Earn 1:30 PM | Skateland Family Fun Night 6PM-8PM
Friday 1/23/15: P4P Jean Day | Lockdown Drill 10AM

PTO Meetings - Check if you are signed up, and please fill the rest of the months

Emergency Classroom Bags

At this point, you should have everything in your bags listed below except a flashlight (possibly) and the emergency procedures. If you are missing anything else, please take care of it this week. Thank you!

In addition, be sure you are checking in every morning. Most of you are doing a great job remembering. This is very important.


Below is a list of what should be in your classroom emergency bags. Please let Jocelyn know if you are in need of any of these items:

- Class lists Pre-K to 8 (in the event of a classroom being in the hallway) - Jocelyn will provide (file folder will be placed in your mailbox by the end of today)

- Medical List (file folder)

- Staff Fan Out (file folder)

- Yearbook Copy (file folder)

- Green and Red cards

- Flashlight

- Extra batteries

- An activity (book, cards, flashcards, crayons and paper, word searches, etc) to keep your students occupied

- List of school emergency procedures (Theresa will provide in the next week)

- Band-Aids

- 3 pair Rubber gloves (In Office supply closet)

*If you do not have a bag, grab one of the blue cinch sacs from the supply closet*