Villa Amrita: Dining in Ubud

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Villa Amrita: Dining in Ubud

There are many great things about staying at Villa Amrita for your Bali vacation. The lovely rural atmosphere, beautiful scenery, comfortable living area, soft beds and gracious, caring staff are all nice reasons to make Villa Amrita your choice while in Bali.

Remarkably, most people who come here don’t realize Ubud is full of incredible food. Apart from a big city, I don’t think there is anywhere with more variety of high quality foods from all over the world than in Ubud. Of course, we all know Seminyak is also a wonderful mecca of great food, but Ubud has numerous uncovered, underrated and incredibly tasty choices running the entire gamut.

While some restaurants are so popular they do require reservations, most are open and available at any time. Keep in mind that some restaurants do close at 10pm so it is advisable to give them a quick call before you go if arriving somewhat later in the evening. Just let Made Taro Wardita or Wayan Sudanaknow where you would like to go and they will prepare everything. A ten minute drive and you are in a veritable food mecca!

We have compiled some nice pictures (we hope) of some nice dining options in Ubud here.

Villa Amrita is one villas in Ubud that strives to build a brand, to offer an experience and to create something fresh, impressive and memorable.

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