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A Message from Mrs. Rosas

Dear SHPS Parents,

It is that time of year for our first round of Renaissance STAR reading and STAR math formal assessments. Students will be taking this formal assessment four times a year: September, November, January and May. The Renaissance STAR scores represent how students performed on the test compared with the performance of a nationally representative sample of students. These scores present a snapshot of achievement at a specific point in time.

Every student will be taking a reading and math assessment. These assessments are done online, with approximately 35 questions each.

During this testing period it is important that your child:

  1. Arrives on time

  2. Has a good balanced breakfast

  3. Is well rested

As a school, we take this data seriously and analyze it in our professional development days so as to better our teaching methods and make sure we review all the areas where students might be having difficulties. These STAR scores, for middle school, are also shared with high schools. We appreciate your cooperation and support during these next two weeks of testing.


Erika Rosas

Vice Principal


The 8th Grade class is inviting other classes to join them on Wednesday, September 15th and wear jeans for Jesus in support of those who were affected by the Earthquake in Haiti.

$2.00 - Wear jeans

$5.00 - Wear jeans, choice of socks & shoes

Parents, please make sure your child's jeans do not have any holes in them and no skin is showing, no leggings, athletic pants or shorts. Please refer to the "Free Dress" policy of the Sacred Heart Parish School Handbook below:

P. Uniform Policy

(Please see Appendix II for further details)

Sacred Heart Parish School endeavors to create an environment in which time and energy can be focused on “acquiring knowledge, skills, and values in order to serve God, family, and society.” To promote school unity with great pride, our school complies with a strict dress code. All children must be in regular uniforms unless the school schedules a “free dress” day. In an emergency situation when your child cannot be in uniform, an explanatory note must be sent to the teacher.

Homeroom teachers will designate what is required of students regarding uniforms while attending field trips away from school.

Free Dress Days

Free Dress days are specific days when students can wear non-uniform clothing. We expect the students to “dress up” rather than “dress-down.” Some restrictions include but are not limited to:

▪ No tube tops, spaghetti strap tops or outfits that allow the straps to be exposed

▪ No exposed mid-drift tops, shorts or mini-skirts (shorts and skirts must be of a length that is equal to uniform shorts and skirts, a maximum of two inches above the knee).

▪ No muscle shirts, tank tops, or halter-tops

▪ No clothing with holes, rips, shreds, provocative messages or designs will be permitted.

▪ Tee shirts and collared shirts without offensive or salacious messages are acceptable but if deemed unacceptable, parents will be informed, and the next free dress opportunity will be denied

▪ No “jeggings” or excessively form-fitting pants/shorts.

Denim is acceptable without holes, cuts, or shreds.

For Health Code reasons, students must wear closed toe shoes.

Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in parents being contacted, admission to class denied, issuance

of a uniform violation report, and/or loss of subsequent “free dress” days.

Students in middle school act as mentors for students in grades TK-5 and reflect school standards for both decorum and dress. Uniform compliance is part of this responsibility and non-observance of these standards has repercussions: issuance of a Uniform Violation slip, three of which in one quarter result in a “C” in behavior.

“Free Dress” Birthday Privilege

Students may wear a Free Dress on their birthday. Those whose birthdays fall on weekends may enjoy this privilege on the Monday or Friday nearest to their birthday with the approval from their teacher. Students celebrating birthdays during the summer vacation time will be given a Free Dress day in June before the last day of school.


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Please click on the parent survey link below regarding after school care:

Front Office News

Reminder to parents:

Students are required to wear masks, please make sure your child has a mask at drop off.

Send your child with water & snack, especially on P.E. days.

To report an absence or picking your child up early, please contact your child's teacher and the front office.

Thank you!


Please click on the link below regarding the 2021-22 yearbook:


Golf Tournament - Please Note Date Change to 5/20/22

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Covid Reporting

Please use the link below and complete the form to report covid cases regarding your student.


Any other questions regarding COVID-19 can be sent to: frontoffice@sacredheartcoronado.org

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