Digital Citizenship

social media ( GEORGIAMCLEOD )


Cyberbullying is the cause of thousands of deaths . Cyberbullying is the use of the internet to deliberatly harm other people in a hurtfull,repetitve and hostile manner .Who can help, your parents for one,kids helpline, teachers ,freinds ,councillers and the actual runners of the social media you are using .Some extra information 43% of children have been bullied online 1 in 4 have experienced it more than once. If you or anyone you know is being cyberbullied you can contact Kids Helpline or eheadspace


netiquette is the same as etiquette except that it is on the internet. netiquette help those that have been cyberbullied although not everyone follows the rules of netiquette. That is why there is so much people being cyberbullied in the world today. If netiquette meant the same to everyone i am sure that there will be nobodys heart sunk to the ground and nobodys self confidence sunk to the ground. and remeber always treat others the way you want to be treated


staying safe online is very important but you do not have to do it alone. there is alot of sad people out there because people are bnullying them online and