Change Your Career!

By: Bailey Morton

Today's Workplace

Today’s workplace is much different today than it was 10 years ago. How? There’s some many reasons for these changes such as new computer programs, machinery, new people, dress codes, different shifts, etc… Every day there is new changes being made into the work place.

Computer programs change the workplace today because you have new software. Machines are being improved with technology and it’s being improved to the point where you wouldn’t really need a worker to work that machine. There’s new people coming in and out of companies.

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Different Generations

Some people can/can’t adjust to the new changes into today’s workplace. You have different generations that you work with and every generation has some experiences that other generations may not have. For example, my generation today knows how to work a lot of technology.

Dress codes depend on where you work and what you’re doing. Everyone has their own little style, but some of those styles are too much for wherever you work. Ages from 30-50 are use to first shift working while ages from 15/16-29 are use to 2nd shift due to the fact that their sleeping schedule is out of proportion.

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You can improve your skills to adjust to the new changes if you use self-management skills. But yet again, the company will have employee training and education. This can keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date. This can help you become a lifelong learner because there’s always something new to learn about technology back then and today’s technology.

Continuing to improve your skills and knowledge may lead you up to a promotion to something better. You continue to learn that way when you move up in the company.

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What you can do to change your career!

Is changing your career something you really want do? Are you unhappy? Do you want to grow? Is your current job terminated? If yes, then make a change! Focus on several things when you're looking for a new job. Focus on what you like and don't like! Do you like your job but not your employers? Do you hate everything about your job all together? Then it's time do something completely different such as turn a hobby into a career. Do what YOU enjoy doing the most. Research is key! Think of jobs in which you be like.