Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

By: Katie Smith

What type of coast is Waianapanapa?

This beach is a active coast, due to the beach being close to tectonic activity. This also makes it a primary coast. This black sand beach was formed by volcanic forces. The sea level has been rising since its existence, so its a submergent.

Origin of Waianapanapa

Waianapanapa is a black sand beach. The sand originated from hot lava hitting the ocean water, forming chards. The crashing waves softened these rocks (chards), making them smooth. The rocks found on this beach are called black basalt rocks.

Information of the Beach:

Geology/ Topography

This beach is known for it's black sand. The waves are often too strong for swimmers. Around the coast of the beach, it's an 122 acre state park, so the beach is surrounded by a lot of rocks and trees.