Southview Synopsis

May 2016

Over $5000 Raised!

Our first ever Wellness Week at Southview was a HUGE success! The idea came when we were looking for a way to raise money to support the purchase of Brain Bikes for every Grade 1 to 8 classroom. What started as "Let's have a Spin-A-Thon" turned into "Let's create a week-long event that focuses on the importance of the connection between mental wellness and physical health." Throughout the week, all staff and students participated in yoga, meditation, boot camp, wheelchair basketball and scooter games, Zumba, and classroom spin challenges. The culminating event was the Spin-A-Thon. All of the Brain Bikes were set up in the gym and were spinning all day! From the sales of raffle tickets, sponsorships and our drive-through donation lane, we were able to raise just over $5000.00! WOW!!! All money raised will go to towards the purchase and upkeep of the Brain Bikes. We would like to thank Metro, Gibson's Restaurant, and Shoeless Joe's for their donations, KFL&A Health for their support, as well as Sparks Fly for the donation of the Brain Bike which was raffled off as the main prize. We would also like to thank the volunteers and family members who helped make this event so successful.

Southview Flashmob!

Southview Public Flashmob 2016

Helping Children with Anxiety

During Wellness Week, we invited Dr. Jennifer Davidson Harden, Chief Psychologist with the Limestone DSB and Ricki Barrett, Student Support Counsellor at Southview, to speak to parents about anxiety in children; how to notice the signs and how to help. Below is an excellent article that provides tips for parents and includes language to use to help children understand what is happening to them when anxiety strikes. (

Parent Council Update

SAC will be helping with Track & Field on May 18th. Volunteers are always welcome! As part of the day, SAC will be organizing a canteen. Prices are as follows:

Pizza $2.00
Chips $1.00
Water $1.00
Gatorade $2.00
Popcorn chips .50
Fruit snacks .50
Sour keys .25
Jumbo freezes $1.00
Juice boxes .50

Please watch for more information!

HOT LUNCH VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you can help out on some Hot Lunch Days, please email Amber Meyer at

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 25 at 6:30 pm. Childcare is available.

Milk Orders

Milk orders are processed every week. All proceeds from the sale of milk are used to support student experiences such as entry fees to sports events, busing, guest speakers and special presentations. Extra order forms can be picked up at the main office. Please note that Parent Council does not run the milk program. Mrs. Hill would be happy to answer any questions.
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Upcoming Events

May 2 - Junior Basketball Tournament @ Queen's

May 3 - Grade 8s to NDSS

May 3 - Zwiers/Virgin & Hall/Cruji to Gould Lake

May 3 - Young Choristers Presentation

May 4 - Grade 7 & 8s to Summer Safety Days @ St. Lawrence College

May 5 - Grade 5s to Local Government Day @ Strathcona Paper Centre

May 5 - Junior Basketball Tournament @ Queen's

May 9 to 13 - Book Fair

May 11 - Evening Book Fair, 3:30 to 6:00

May 12 - Kindergarten Classes to Gymnastics

May 17 - Kindergarten Open House for new JK students & families

May 18 - School Track & Field (rain date May 19)

May 20 - PA Day

May 23 - Victoria Day Holiday

May 24 - Touch Football Tournament

May 25 - Parent Council, 6:30 pm

May 27 - Grade 7 & 7/8 to Fort Henry

June 9 - Regional Track & Field

June 9 - Southview Choir Trip

June 10 - Southview Choir Performance

June 10 - Grade 8s to Riverfront Festival