Turner Ashby High School

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Fine Arts

Art Department

The art department offers a variety of courses for students of all skill levels. These include Foundational Art I and II, and Advanced Art I and II. Crafts I and II classes are offered for students who enjoy art that is just as hands on, but falls under the category of crafting. Students are also now able to take three (3) AP classes – AP 2-D design, 3 dimensional, and AP Drawing.

Music Department

The Music Department at Turner Ashby High School includes both instrumental and choral music.

The goal of the band department is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to express themselves through music performance. Students will learn the fundamentals of music and receive a greater understanding and appreciation of music through performance. The Turner Ashby Band Department has seven performing ensembles; The Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, the Marching Knights, In-Door Drumline, and Percussion I & II. The band is co-curricular, meeting during and after school. Please visit our website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The goal of the Choral Department is to provide an opportunity for students to cultivate and improve their singing technique and musical abilities. Students will learn to read and interpret music as well as develop effective performance skills. The choral groups at Turner Ashby strive to be involved in the school and community through a variety of performances. The Turner Ashby Choral Department consists of three choirs that meet during the school day: Concert Choir, Mixed Chorale, and the TA Singers, and one extra-curricular choir that meets before school – the Chamber Singers. Concert Choir is a non-auditioned choir and Mixed Chorale, TA Singers, and Chamber Singers are by audition only.

Piano and guitar classes are also offered by the Choral Department as music electives for those students with an interest in music.

The Turner Ashby Music Department sponsors the Tri-M Club and Honor Society. Tri-M gives music students an opportunity to serve their school, peers, and community. Students must be enrolled in a music class in order to participate and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher in all academic classes and a 3.0 or higher in all music classes.

Two boosters programs function to support the Music Department at Turner Ashby. The Band Boosters support the Band Department and the Music Boosters support the Choral Department.

Theatre Department

A comprehensive theater arts program provides students with the ability to understand their own responses and the responses of others to the many forms of theatrical experience. Through participation in the theater arts, students develop critical-thinking skills and draw upon core academic areas to solve problems of creation, design, and execution. They develop individual expression and the ability to work collaboratively to achieve common artistic goals, while preparing for a lifetime of engagement with the arts.