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Frolyc is a platform where you as a teacher can create activities that you assign to kids to work on their iPads. You can create activities based on your lesson plans. It appears to be great for creating interactive activities and allows you to include text, photo and video resources from around the web. You can sign up for a free account and publish/share put to 150 assignments with students. A paid version is also available for $48.00 a year.

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Videos on How to and Using Frolyc in the classroom:

Frolyc Overview


This isn't really an app, but it does work with the iPads. I absolutely LOVE the endless possibilities with this site:

Basically, you can turn a photo, drawing, map, just about anything into an interactive piece of work that showcases information and external links (even to video). Great for research projects, vocabulary, the possibilities are endless.

Click on the links below the images to see a few examples of this in action.

Our job as an educator…..

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Said No Teacher Ever.....

Said No Teacher Ever

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