Who Really Discovered America?

By: Aubrie Kappes

The Native Americans

The Native Americans should get credit for discovering America. Their ancestors found this new land after crossing beringia. They discovered this land thousands of years before Hoei-Shin even came. The Native Americans were pushed away by all the people who came to this new land. It seemed like they weren't even there, because according to every group, even though they weren't there first we still discovered this land first. Which is not fair to the Native Americans, they should get the credit for discovering America, NOT Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher should have NO credit at all for discovering America. He arrived later than everyone else and took over. When he said that he came with big ships with dragrons on them he was lying. He never had those giant boats but it makes his story more interesting. And Columbus killed more than 3 million people so he could have the land, 3 MILLION PEOPLE! How does Christopher get credit for discovering America when he got rid of the people that were there before him? The reason why Christopher went for his journey anyway was to get more gold, not to kill anyone. But when nobody gave Columbus his gold he would cut off their hands. He was evil but he got what he wanted, and with no complains. Or atleast not to his face.

Bjarni Herjolfsson

Bjarni got blown off his track from finding his father and saw this land. The only problem was that Bjarni wanted to see his father, he left his home so he could travel to his father. Since he was so into looking for his father he just left the new land that he found without stepping one foot on the land. He may be closer to discovering America than Leif Ericson, but Bjarni is NOT the one who discovered America.

Leif Ericson

Leif should not even be on the list for who dicovered America. Bjarni was the one who sold his boat to Leif and told Leif the directions. Leif did NOTHING to discover America he just took what Bjarni said and followed it. The only different thing that Leif did was stepped foot on the land. He also started a few colonies but they didn't last very long and that is when Christopher barged in and made his 13 colonies.


Hoei-Shin did leave evidence that he was there, and found the land. He lost 2 anchors while there, and left behind tapestries and paintings. Although it seems like Hoei-Shin has a good reason why he should have credit for dicovering America he did state that when he arrived there were already people there(the Native Americans). So, he never discovered the land first, if he said people were already there before him.