Thomas Larrimore

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My Free Time.

When i am not in school, I am at work. I started out washing dishes for a small sandwich shop, that has a total of five locations. I just recently moved up to making salads about five days a week. Either i am working, relaxing with my girlfriend, or skateboarding with my friends. I dont do much with my life but what i do do is worth it a little bit.

Marching Band

On our way to Disney World

Previous Activities

In my past i have done the William Penn marching band for three years. My first year i play the trombone. My second year i played the baritone. Then finally, the best year out of them all, i played the euphonium. It was the best year, not because we got last in every competition, but it is due to the Marching Colonials earning second place in our division class. It was a lot of fun, but i didnt do it this year because i wanted to relax and focus on school.

My Hobbies

What do i do when i am not at either school, home or work. I am out enjoying what warm weather we get. Looking for places where i can do the next hardest thing for me to do. I am out skateboarding. It does not seem like the type of thing that many people do but when i am really stressed it makes it very easy for me to relax. It may really get under my skin sometimes but however, i really enjoy doing it, and it keeps me in shape enough that i wont get chunky, due to me eating all of the time. I skate when i get the chance. I'm off for a day, then i will go skate and see friends that i have not seen in a long time.
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