BPS Newsletter

Issue 5 - 20th September 2019

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Exciting Times - by Mr Luke Chaeter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to begin by mentioning how great it was to meet with the Parent Class Representatives on Monday morning. Again, as I have previously stated, this further exemplifies the wonderful support that the parent body gives the school, something which I am very proud to be a part. Further, I had the pleasure of meeting the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for the first time this week, it is obvious to see that the school is very well supported, and am sure that this great team ethic will have an extremely positive impact!

This week, the school has continued to conduct professional performance management which has enabled senior leaders and teachers to observe other excellent practice throughout the school. This is an important element of ensuring standards remain high, as we want to ensure that we continue to provide an excellent experience for all of our children.

As you will see within this newsletter, Mr Coetzee has been working extremely hard to ensure that the School Tribe become an effective voice of the school community. Elections have happened in classes, which has resulted in students having representation on the Tribe Council. This year, we are specifically targeting this, as we believe that all children should have an opportunity of developing leadership skills. During the upcoming weeks, students will be involved in specific training with our school councillor to develop mediation skills, and support students throughout the school. We will also be ensuring that playground games are effectively introduced to ensure that these times are as pleasurable as possible. A system of Tribe points will also be introduced to further enhance a collective spirit amongst our students, with regular Tribe Competitions to develop not only a competitive spirit, but also a collegial spirit of support.

Finally, I would like to mention the upcoming workshop on reading by Jan Dubiel, which will take place on Friday 27th September at 8.15 am in the Amphitheatre. Jan has an excellent reputation as an International Early Years Lead, and we are very happy that he will be with us. This is a great opportunity for parents to learn and ask questions to help support the reading process at home. During this period, we will also be having a number of visitors from other Tier 1 International Schools in Asia, a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our school, and establish further links to drive success!

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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Time for Harvest - TES autumn festival coming soon - By Mrs Nadia Thul, Chair of BP PTA

As you already realised through posters among the campuses and your class representative, it’s just 2 weeks to go for this year Autumn Festival. Come and enjoy with your family the evening with great food, drinks and sporty games in a harvest themed surrounding, inspired by the German wine and Thanksgiving festival. Furthermore you will be entertained with music by your very own children in different genres from rock to classics. Like last year you are welcome to take your picnic blanket and just relax.

For those of you who can’t sit still and want to be actively involved, you are invited to join our BP-PTA drink stall to sell drinks and reusable silicon straws. Especially if you have already Year 5 or 6 kids, asked them to join you. The experience to take responsibility and be needed is priceless. Just sign up here” https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WFTL3T984ZdOVo-1vGxgCIT2H90WzjUG8-4f506nPPU/edit?usp=drivesdk ".

The admission for this event is free. Food and drinks can be purchased by vouchers (no cash). The vouchers are sold as @ NT$200 BOOKLET of coupons -denomination of 100/50/25 and the selling time start at 5pm. See you soon and have a happy Autumn Festival.

Cranes for Peace Project - by Mr Eamonn O'Callaghan

This year our school is taking part in the Cranes for Peace Project to celebrate Peace Day

The Cranes for Peace Project invites every student on the planet to fold an origami bird, write a message of peace on its wings, then exchange it with another student somewhere in the world. This year our school will partner with Educate Together Primary School in Cork, Ireland and the Pacific Academy in California, USA.

The Project builds friendships, strengthens hand-eye coordination and writing skills and exposes students to new languages and cultures. We hope our students enjoy this meaningful celebration and that we can promote some peace and understanding around the world.

Friday Music Corner - by Ms Edith Kao

Friday Music Corner is now starting in junior atrium every Friday morning. Lovely music playing while the school children are walking to the building. This is a great opportunity to shine and show our talent.

Friday Music Corner (20/09/2019)

BPS Tribe Council - by Mr Corné Coetzee

I would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to those children that were selected to be on the Tribe Council this year. I know that we are going to work together as a team to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. It is the Tribe Council's job to make sure that the whole school is involved in making decisions that will ensure that our school is a healthy, safe and fun learning environment. We have a lot of exciting projects lined up for the year, so watch this space!

We had our first official meeting on Friday morning and we were delighted to have Mr. Chaeter present at our meeting. Mr. Chaeter extended a warm welcome to the children and explained to them how the Tribe Council plays a vital role in a school and that it is a massive responsibility for 20 children to represent the whole school. I am delighted about working with the Tribe Council this year and I know that they are going to do a fantastic job!

Starting Tuesday, the Tribe Councilors are allowed to wear their Tribe T-shirt for the day because of the Tribe meeting. We will meet on Tuesday mornings at first break.

The Tribe Councilors are:

Year 2: Kaylee Kim, Jamie Wang, Bryan Chen, Kaelyn Hsu

Year 3: Sophie Hoadley, Dexter Kuo, Caeden Choy, Muji Hsieh

Year 4: Miffy Kuo, Hardy Chen, Perlita Chen, Ashley Chiu

Year 5: Janet Chuang, Jae Chia, Nathalie Sutton, Amber Chen

Year 6: Kriya Jogani, Peter Thul, Henry Chien, Annabel Yang

TES Students address the EU Taiwan Forum on Youth Engagement in Climate Action - by Mr Craig Gamble

Today, Friday 19th September, two of our BPS students, along with four children from the French Section, were fortunate enough to be asked to address the delegates of the EU Taiwan Forum on Youth Engagement in Climate Action held at the Liang Kuo Shu International Conference Hall, College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University. Our students were delighted to hear key note speeches from Fatima Ali, UN Humanitarian Affairs Youth Peace Ambassador to the UK and Chia-Yen Lin, Deputy Director of NDC working Group, Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC). Folowing a buffet style lunch, where delegates were free to network, our students took to the podium to give the first presntation of the afternoon session. I'm extremely proud to report that, despite being the youngest delegates by a considerable number of years, our students spoke clearly and passionately about the EPC's efforts to achieve Green Flag School status and their projects designed to have a positive impact on a range of environmental impacts whilst educating the school community about the plight of our planet.

As a teacher it is always rewarding when you are able to provide students with opportunities such as this, especially when they rise to the occasion, as you know that it's an experience they will remember for years to come.

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

Early Pick-Up Procedures

Please be aware that if you intend to pick up your children early from school, you are required to tell the front office first. This is to ensure that we are aware of all who are on campus at all times, critical if we need to evacuate the building.

Drop Off at School

Thank you for your support in the mornings if your children come to school by car, this has helped the congestion issue immensely. There have been a few cases when children have exited the car on 'the road side' which is not safe, as cars may be passing. Please can you ensure that children exit the car via the side closest to the curb. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Saturday 5th October - Staff Child Protection Training

On Saturday 5th October, all teaching staff will be in school receiving up to date Child Protection training. This further ensures that aim to provide the safest and most secure environment for your children whilst they are at school.


On Saturday 21st September, we will be holding our first Saturday Rugby Club. Thank you to all the parents who have supported a healthy student sign up!
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Class Rep Workshop - by Mrs Nadia Thul

This week Monday morning Gloria Chou our BP-PTA vice chair held the class representative workshop. With about 30 attendees and delicious snacks, our primary head Mr Chaeter kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome and updates about personal data safety and school’s gift policy. There followed open and respectful dialogue about these topics, thus was a pure pleasure for me, because I believe it’s essential for a strong community. Gloria took over, to talk about the role of class representatives in our school and used the chance to get pictures of our year group members. All over all this meeting was a great success. Thank you to Gloria Chou who hosted the meeting and to Mavis Wang who always organises everything for us in the back. Also a big thanks to all class representatives for taking this responsible, but joyful job.