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In the Earthquake PBL, I worked in a group of four. Each person, in the group, was given a specific set of tasks. The, main, priority was to make a house for Tony Stark, strong enough to withstand the shake test. We chose In the end of the project, we made our houses, over a period of three days. We made them of popcicle sticks, toothpicks, straw, clay, and string. Luckily, the house my group made survived the shake test.

Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand siesmic activity?


The 30 Hands Project is an independant project. You had, about, two weeks to create it. For this project, you are supposed to create nine pic collages. Then, you are to upload them to 30 Hands. Next, you add your voice, to each slide. Lastly, you were supposed to put it on Google Drive, and, then, send it to your science teacher. Mine is Mrs. Chappas.


In the Invention Convention, you are allowed to work alone, with one person, or with two people. No more than, three people can be in a group. I chose to work with one, other, person. For the Invention Convention, you are supposed to come up with an invention/innovation that runs on a renewable recource, and solves a problem. Together, my partner and I came up with an innovation that runs on solar and wind power. Its name is the Swind Car. He and I ended up having to build a replica of what I drew the car was going to look like. A problem it solves is the amount of pollution and the use of fossil fuels. It solves this problem by not releasing gas in the air and using fossil fuels, itself.