Rocks and Minerals

By: Mara Andrews

Rocks vs. Minerals

rock- the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the Earth (n)

mineral- a solid substance of natural occurrence (n)

Characteristics of a Rock

solid, made up of one or more minerals, made in nature

Characteristics of a Mineral

forms in nature, is a solid, has a definite chemical makeup, has a crystal structure

Examples of Minerals

  1. copper- computer (wiring)
  2. silver- computer (electronics)
  3. quartz- mirror
  4. graphite- pencil
  5. feldspar- toilet (porcelain)
  6. cassiterite- hairspray
  7. chromite- hairspray
  8. sulfur- matches
  9. zincite- sunscreen
  10. hematite- refrigerator
  11. galena- refrigerator
  12. cinnabar- refrigerator
  13. pentlandite- refrigerator
  14. gold- mirror (plating)
  15. wolframite- computer (monitor)

How rocks and minerals affect our everyday lives

Rocks and minerals affect our everyday lives by giving us things to use such as computers,(copper, silver, and quartz) pencils, (graphite) the toilet, (feldspar or porcelain) hairspray, (cassiterite, and chromite) matches, (sulfer) sunscreen, (zincite) telephone (silver) refrigerator, (hematite, galena, cinnabar, and pentlandite) and a mirror (gold-plating).