Blu Cru Note

Week of November 17, 2014

Good Evening,

I dare you to be thankful this week for the tough-to-love kid(s), thankful that you have been given the opportunity to reach and impact them.

Let's focus on our position in life and ability to serve others, as we enter this season of giving.


What is a Learning Target . . .

-Learning Targets guide learning.

-They describe in language students understand.

-Learning Targets are written from the students point of view.

-They are shared through out the lesson so that students can use them to guide their own learning.

What a Learning Target is not. . .

An agenda

A list of activities

A section in the text book

A hoop to jump through!


Staff Meeting - Tuesday, November 18 @ 3:10

Be prepared for the Rose Ceremony!

Professional Development - Friday, November 21 @ 1:10pm

We will work on Learning Targets & constructing meaningful Data Walls!
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Snow Captain of the North

With the wintery weather well on its way, fear not! Our Good Snow Captain of the North is here to keep us up-to-date on the latest school closings!