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Did you ever wonder how pilgrims lived! When they arrived on the Mayflower and the first winter.The pilgrims where going threw a hardy time.When the pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower to the new world it did not look too well.The first winter the pilgrims going threw hard times haveing to build shelters in the winter.

How Pilgrims lived

Most of the pilgrims lived bad because they where not free.There where 101 men that came to the cape cod in1620 ,for many different reasons. Some came to worship freely , but most came to provide a better life for them and there children. They came for a wide variety of back grounds. The pilgrims had signed a agreements with the joint-stock company to work for seven years for land to live on and work on and to be free.The pilgrims named there new home after their English home.

When The Pilgrims Arived on The Mayflower

Cold weather had a ready arrived when the pilgrims first sighted land on November 19.
Many of the passengers sick they must of felt a sense of anger to make land fall and build shelters in the winter. So they made attempt to continue south along the cost until they reached the northern tripe of the the Virginia Company proved difficult they decided to search for a suitable place to live instead. With the ship arched in Presents day Provincetown harbor at the Cape cod an armed party of pilgrims led by military leader captain Myles Standish. Went ashore in their shallop.Over the next few weeks Various groups of water wood and stolen native corn to the pilgrims camp.

The First Winter

December is not a good month to be working outdoors in New England. However, and the settlers had plenty of work to do. On December 30 indian house only we found where formerly had been some inhabitants fields that were cleared already. If they had to strip the land and trees in order to build shelters and plant the might not have survived. What the pilgrims actually had discovered was land that belonged to the Patuxet Indians members of the Wampanoag Nation. It was inhabitants because the Patuxet community had been wiped out by diseases brought to the new world by European explorers and fisherman. Just imagine billiding a home in the winter.


The pilgrims lived rout in my opinion especially the first winter. Pilgrims had to work when they got to America.When pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower there was a spars amount of food.The first winter was hearty because they had to build shelter in the winter.The pilgrims where hard workers they sighed a agreement to the joint-stock company to work for seven years thats a long time just to get land and be free


Formerly: at an earlier time and in the past.

a person or animal that lives in a particular palace.

Various: different from each other


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